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Topic title:  I'm about to have a major reconstructive shoulder surgery


I have had a total of 31 surgeries in my lifetime, and I have been experimented on by Dr's who 

write me prescriptions for anti- depressants for my Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CPRS), a term for pain that comes 

from surgical long term pain that Dr's either don't understand, or may have caused by damaging a nerve while performing surgeries.

Needless to say anti depressants don't work for physiological pain or for PTSD in my opinion. After having nearly dying in a head collision ,

and multiple anti depressants, I'm discontinuing the only one I have tolerated and it doesn't work, I'm up for a pain pump to deal with the CRPS after having 

too many surgeries I give up, the pain pump delivers a targeted dose of purified Morphine Sulfate directly to the intrathecal space around the spinal cord, this reduces 

the dosage and the risk of addiction as this pump delivers the least amount of narcotics directly where it can block the pain most effectively.


I'm looking into this and asking for others results and whether this is an effective form of long term treatment as it requires another surgery to implant this pump and the catheter.


Thanks for the feed back, your opinions please? 



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I have read enough about anti depressants that are over prescribed and off label for the treatment of chronic regional pain complex and have tried Celexa, Lexapro, Mertiazapine, Buspar, and one or two more of these drugs, they haven't done a thing but make my depression worse, not that I needed any help with more of the same. After nearly dying in a head on collision at over 100 mph combined speed of the vehicles, and spending 8 days in a coma, to find I had indeed broken my neck, and woke up in a halo brace, and ruptured my guts ending up with a colostomy bag, I had that colostomy reversed as I just could NOT live with it for the rest of my life.


And then re-breaking my left knee 5 years ago, with 4 surgeries alone on that knee now ( and it needs to be replaced btw) as well as my right shoulder from the slow deterioration of my right shoulder after the restraint injury from the seat belt, I'm really out of options now. I have been referred by my Primary to a surgeon who does pain pump implants to deal with my intractable pain that is really beyond the pale after so long. I have gone trough many psych councilors  and they all end up leaving for greener pastures on me, thus not only wasting my time, but leaving me high and dry with dealing with the PTSD that is the first and last thoughts of my day after that wreck. When I have tried to titrate my dosage with my Dr, I turn into an emotional zombie, no joy, no humor, and I just can't take that dosage any more, they all do the same thing to me, SSRI's are being over prescribed with the idea that now that Big Pharma blew it with the lies they spread about Oxycodone being little to no addiction risk, now patients such as myself are being denied narcotics and then foisted off on dangerous amounts of anti-depressants, I have little to no doubt this is a cause of many vets suicides and others out side of the military.Thats a good reason to not take these drugs in my opinion. 


If anyone here has experienced these awful side effects or has experience with pain management with an implanted pain pump, post your comments please, you might be able to help not only myself, but many others here as well. 




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Welcome, Nomorepain.


Very sorry you've gone through all of this. We can't advise you on taking morphine or other pain-killers. We can provide peer support for tapering psychiatric drugs such as antidepressants. What antidepressant or psychiatric drugs are you currently taking, at what dosages and what times of day?

This is not medical advice. Discuss any decisions about your medical care with a knowledgeable medical practitioner.

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