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Recent documentary on Channel 4 in the UK about depression in young people


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"I almost felt as if I was going to die." As Britain faces a youth depression crisis, Dispatches reveals the shocking side effects some people experience from antidepressant withdrawal


A documentary was recently aired in the UK on Channel 4 looking at depression in young people. It was quite hard hitting and negative about psychiatry and psychiatric drugs. Dr Sami Timimi and Dr James Davies both featured. It features some members of the prescribed harm communities. In particular Peter Ruppert who is responsible for the BrainZaps phone app to help monitor and manage withdrawal symptoms.


Definitely worth a watch but I am not sure if its available outside the UK.








2011 - started Venlafaxine (again) at 75mg Raised to 150 mg at some point - unsure of dates. Reduced back down to 75 mg. Doctor advised this would be a lifetime, maintenance dose

2017 - Side effects now intolerable. Started taper from June 15th - 5% dose reduction steps (two 12 hourly doses).

2017 - October 20th - took last dose of Venlafaxine - 4 mg. Debilitating symptoms followed.

2017/18 - diazepam - 8mg/day for 1 month - 7 week taper Feb 2018

2017/18 - duloxetine - max 90mg - now stopped

2018 - Feb 25mg quetiapine, increased to 50mg.

2018 - March/April - increased venlafaxine slowly (10mg steps) to 75 mg/day. Recovery from withdrawal followed.

2018 - July 13 - stopped quetiapine after 2 month taper. Late July - had to reinstate quetiapine due to intolerable withdrawal. Now tapering from 25mg

2019 - June - stopped quetiapine after 10 month taper. Mild insomnia only symptom.

2021 - June - venlafaxine approx 6.0 mg see Taper history details

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