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NotoE: Prozac bridge from Effexor


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My daughter was advised by her doctor to do a Prozac bridge to minimize withdrawal from Effexor. She bridged to Prozac and now after one month off Effexor, she is telling me she is feeling depressed...sounding a lot like Effexor withdrawal depression.  The doc says to go up to 40 mg of Prozac..which seems like a lot.  Im thinking she shouldvre instate a low dose of Effexor but don't know how much she should take in order not to get Seratonin Syndrome. Her lowest dose of E was the 37.5.  She does not want to go back on E...but I think things could get worse in terms of withdrawal.

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Daughter has been trying to withdraw from Effexor for about a year.  Recently was bridged to Prozac to minimize withdrawals.  One month after last dose of E...she is depressed and vomiting.  Doctor says to go up from 30 mg to 40 mg of Prozac...not sure that will help.  Want to reinstate E to withdraw more slowly..but worried about Seratonin syndrome.

What could next step be?

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Hello NotoE


Welcome to SA.

Apologies for the delay.

How old is your daughter and is there a reason why she is unable to use this site herself please.

We normally deal with the person concerned but there are circumstances where that is impossible.

We do need to be sure we are talking to the responsible adult.

I hope you understand the need for this.

We will more be than happy to help if we can.

In the meantime if your daughter is depressed and vomiting I would say an increase in Prozac is the not advisable.

Please get back us asap.




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