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EricaLB: my Zoloft / sertraline experience

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Good morning all,

My name is Erica and I was taking Zoloft for over 20 years before recently tapering off due to side effects. My journey with Zoloft started with my PCP using it to control debilitating migraines. It ended with poisonous spider bites, and an infection causing the hospital to dose me with steroids. I had already been experiencing some side effects but I didn't know it and the steroid sent me over the top. I developed weakness, fatigue, OH, tremors, daily headaches, dizziness, and lost my mental focus all at once. I'm no longer taking Zoloft but I'm still feeling the wreckage it left behind. I'm now on an anti-seizure med for migraine prevention and a Parkinson's med to control my other symptoms. Official diagnosis is Neurological Tremor as of now, but its most likely Drug Induced Parkinsonism. It takes a Neuro to make that diagnosis and I haven't found a good one so far...the first 2 didn't even listen to my symptoms. This has been a terrible, frustrating journey for my family. Some days I can't think, can't work, can't drive, and can't hold onto anything. I'm only 42. This drug seriously messed up my life and I had no idea that could happen. Hoping to find and give support here. Thank you.

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Hi EricaLB and welcome aboard,

Was the Zoloft any help with the migraines?

And oh my.....yes, sounds like your steroid experience was a very tough one to endure.


And I am so sorry that you don't have doctors who listen to you or take responsibility for the harms of their prescribed drugs.  I think you might find some comfort and understanding here EricaLB.  And thank you for your willingness to support others.


Would you   Please put your withdrawal history in your signature.

Just follow the instructions in ^ link.  Summarize your drug history from above(leaving out symptoms) and include your present medications taken for the Parkinsonism and migraines.

Signatures can be seen below other members posts, unless viewing from some cell phone devices.  A PC works best for getting it done.


This is your introduction/journal page where you have now introduced yourself to the community, you can ask questions here regarding your tapering, give updates, and just keep a record of your journey.


All for now.  Welcome again!

Love, peace, healing, and growth,


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