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bayernbaby: tapering 20 mg Duloxetine

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Hello Bayernbaby,


Were you per chance born in Bavaria? Bayern being the German for Bavaria.


Are you weighing/counting beads?


Slow and steady is the right way to go - even though it is frustrating that it will take longer than you thought it would have. What will a few months more matter in the long term? Better than having months of withdrawal symptoms. This is  a really tough drug to get off of.


Immediately prior I had been on Lexapro. That wasn't helpful so I was talked into getting on this product.


Looks like I ended up going off CT in December and I didn't know it. MD didn't tell me that a liquid suspension with crushed pellets would destroy the drug neither did compounding pharmacy (who proposed this). Explains why I've been miserable since then. I have windows and waves. And illustrates why being slow and gradual is so important.


I have to plot next course and am, even though I've dealt with unpleasantness (understatement) with ADs and seizure meds, still anxious about it.


I want to have as much control as I can.


Thanks for the compliement on the alias I chose. I think it's pretty too. :) I should change my picture too.


Have a nice one,



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