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Celexa - bloating, weight gain -anyone else?

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Hi all


Was on Celexa for 6 months starting with 5mg and weaning up to 20 mg over months  so 5 , 10, 15 ,20  ,,,,,,it did relax me more but

Did not like the idea of being on meds, so I tapered off over the course of 3 mo


I am 45, have always been in shape with a 6 pack, I jog and lift weights everyday.  Over the course of the time being on this drug I gained 17lbs, I have never gained weight like this ever.....

I now have

- fat around my waist and lower back

-bloating, pregnant look,  like I have eaten a steak dinner even though I have not had any food

-I eat small healthy meals

- I am 31 days off and have not lost a pound, this is depressing me as my GI system feels hijacked, even though I poop nice 2x a day

- Jaw, face and neck tension

- movement - motion sensations, like dizzish almost

- feeling spaced out and not there, I have had DR for 2 years now but it seems worse after stopping this med


I am well aware that these drugs affect the entire body, I have always had a fast metabolism, now I am worried that it has messed me up, I understand that 31 days is not a long time

Anyone else share some experiences with these types of symptoms and what the outcome was


I need to dream again


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I'm sorry no one responded.    Just speculating here, but I've read there is a strong gut connection to CNS so it stands to reason you your change in metabolism could be related to withdrawal.  As you say 31 days is not a long time.  Now with more time passed, I hope things turned around for you.  

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