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International problem or USA problem

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I have found this map



i have not searched for anxiolitic map, but problem for anxiolitic seems the same.


I find it curious that for some country people speak about that in internet forums (like here) or in books perhaps, while in other country, the problem seem to be invisible.

Like if a mysterious culture deny ou push down the reality of the problem. 

If the society does not open his eyes on that, it will perpetuate for the new generations. We are not the first (it seem imipramine was perhaps the first). 



*baby have been fabricated with a mother under antidepressant

*because the mother can't give love to his child growing if she is on antidepressant (she can't give love for herself, how could she give love to the child? the love of the life form?)

*because there are epigenetic changes

*because medical continue giving this pills to new generation of humans  (or any update of the pill with a new molecule destructive for the psychic brain or just a new name)


This world seems to take a long time to recognize. But the hell is not just in people surviving to this, this is a really negative thing for the society. People becoming invalid are a weight for the society, a weight for their family, incapable of love, incapable of working, incapable of social living. We are a negative point for society, okay i accept it. But society make us, and since society does not see that, it will perpetuate that, weaking and hurting herself with invalid people growing. 


Since for the moment this is more a developped country problem. The developping country envy ourselves. Want to immigrate? Come, share with us our invisible problem. You see money? you see technology? Come and take a little antidepressant too. Welcome. 

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Do you think you have all these health issues because of the medications that you’ve been taking?  I took alprazolam for a short amount of time and it was the worst experience of my life.  Extremely powerful drug.




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