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Writing a book together?


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Hi, have you too been damaged by SSRI? Would you be interested sharing your story in a book together with other people ? To get these stories out there, to warn and help others as well as informing the autorities in the debate  that we are quite many who's lives has been destroyed by SSRI...


Reply here or send me a pm if interested!


/Trying to survive and live!

fluoxetine since 13years followed doctors advice tapered 40 mg to 0mg in 4 months july 2015 august crasched in panic attacks etc end of september akatisia , nausea, crying alot no one told me it could be something called withdrawal I read it and also about going back to last dose No one knew if it was worth it. tried reinstate autumn 2014 5 mg prozac then 10mg since 29/11-2014 feel only worse sucidal for real, tried antihistamine 10 mg or oxascand (benso) 5 mg or valerian for anxiousness but sick feeling taking this. 6mg prozac to taper slowly down since 15/2-2014 (30ml out of 100ml water with 20 mg pill) tapered 10-20% per month until June 2015 super anxious depressed tired. Got Buspar may 2015 5mg 10mg 15mg headache etc
June 2015: 10mg buspar plus around 3 mg prozac quit this cold turkey in July 2015. One week later crying spells and suicidal. Tried 5htp.magnesium omega 3 until September. October 2015 tested vit D was 17 . Since October 2015 ONLY Vit D and magnesium . nov 2016 can laungh again! but still too anxious ,depressed or lethargic in waves can't focuS, Crying spells , scared, social fobia, bitterness. .. . Did not reinstate prozac again . Trying to survive ....

july 2016-troathpain /reflux starts...

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