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My mother wants to try mirtazapine

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Even though I have struggled with withdrawal and adverse reactions to medication my mother wants to try Mirtazapine for depression/drowsiness/sleeping problems. I don't know what to say or do. I have said that I don't recommend it after what I've experienced personally, but she seems intent on trying it, even though she understands my struggles. At least I think she does. She doesn't think it will cause problems, as long as she intends to stay on it indefinitely,


She has tried Zoloft briefly in the past but quickly stopped again. It did not seem to have an effect either positive or negative. She is an elderly woman (74) and have some slight dementia issue due to hydracephalus but can otherwise think clearly. Should I just accept that she can make her own decisions? Maybe suggest her to take a very small amount at first (dissolved in water) and see how she responds?

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You might suggest that she try non drug techniques first:  Sleep problems - that awful withdrawal insomnia


It might be a good idea to get a blood test done to find out if she is low in anything, eg Vitamin D etc.


She might also consider getting some counselling.  When we experience changes in our life we can sometimes find it hard to cope with the changes and that can affect our sleep and our moods.


If she is taking any other drugs I suggest that you do a drug interaction check. 


Drug Interactions Checker






Try to be calm and gentle when talking with her.  Try not to talk at her but to make it a discussion, ask questions about how she feels etc, and explain that there are things that she could try before taking a drug.


In the end it will be her decision.  All you can do is try to help her to make an informed decision.  Just like all of us here, she needs to do what she feels is the right thing for her.

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Thank you, those are great suggestions.

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