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Seeking interviewees for program and book

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SKIP to "THE GOAL" to bypass the update on my taper case and decision.


Hello Everyone. I recently stopped my tapering endeavors due to severe sensitivty to the lexapro I am on. 


At a 5% taper from just 3.75mg liquid, it would take me two decades to get down if I stayed at each dosages for 2 months. 


From the 10 months of withdrawal I have experienced in my life up until this point, I have accepted that I will be on the medication most likely for the rest of my life.


The strain of not knowing what symptoms ill experience when tapering every month or two, the mindset of "something is wrong with me" is exacerbated, and ofcourse trying to get the exact dosage on time every night.


I am simply enjoying having my full brain back, and spending 10 bucks a month and taking the 3.75mg far outweighs the risks in this case.




I am creating a program and have started writing a book specifically designed for people going through withdrawal from psychiatric drugs, soulful depression, anxiety, and trauma.


I am looking for TEN individuals who would be okay with me recording a zoom call with them asking them about their life through tapering, depression, symptoms, and what techniques they have found best to overcome their symptoms.


This is not for the person who does not feel comfortable with getting deep and vulnerable. 


Email [contact poster through this site's personal messaging system] if you are interested. Let's make the world a better place together.


PS: If anyone knows the psychiatrist who's daughter went through protracted antidepressant withdrawal syndrome for 2 years that is now speaking on the effects of psychiatrics, please comment below so I can get in contact with her.

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Klonopin starting December, 2017 -  5mg - took it for 3 maybe 4 months. 

Lexapro - 10mg starting November 2017, then perscribed 20mg two months later, am still on lexapro presently.

I cold turkeyed off of Klonopin and had horrific withdrawal, every symptom other than being hospitalized.

I cold turkeyed off of Lexapro for 5 days, reinstated back to 20 mg for 3 months before looking into tapering. (unsure how long it may have been more)

I have dropped from 20 to 3.5mg in 9.5 months. 

I just reinstated from 3.5 to 3.75mg and have been on it for 4 days.

I have taken multi vitamins, niacin, ginko baloba, amino acids, and protein drinks supplements.

I have smoked weed for 6 months, just stopped for good three weeks ago.

I have drank on the weekends in excess for many months in the past.



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Hello, Healed. Is this a commercial venture? Do you intend to make videos of people?


I masked your e-mail address to prevent your getting spam. Interested parties can contact you through this site's messaging system.


SA members:  SA staff doesn't know anything about this project; we can't endorse it. If you want to participate, please contact Healedfromabove1 for more information.


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This is not medical advice. Discuss any decisions about your medical care with a knowledgeable medical practitioner.

"It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has surpassed our humanity." -- Albert Einstein

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I am also curious as to the answers to Altos above Q's. I do think what your working on can help many people and have wanted to also write a narrative or ebook about my experience. 


As to your last question, are you possibly referring to @DrugfreeProf?

Apr 2018 - 10 mg Amitriptyline (Rx’d by neurologist for headaches & insomnia)

Jul + Aug 2018 - Reduced to 5 mg in July and then 2.5 mg in Aug (was too fast, hellish withdrawal at 2 weeks on 2.5 mg)

Sept 2018 - reinstated 10 mg Amitriptyline (emotional symptoms improved immediately, physical symptoms improved over time)

Oct 2018 - updosed to 11 mg Amitriptyline (compounded pills)

Stabilized in Apr 2019 (had 2 waves while stabilizing).

Began taper at rate of ~0.2 mg per month with liquid/dissolved taper. Current (Aug 2020) 5.3 mg.


Supplements: Omega-3 fish oil, Vit B12, coenzyme Q10, Hawthorn extract (for tachycardia)

Tools for insomnia/waves (as needed) : Epsom salt foot soaks, 0.5 mg Melatonin, quality time with supportive friends/family, remembering waves WILL PASS.

Lifestyle: Eat real foods, mostly plants; daily walking (30 min); track symptoms when needed on paper (adapted Glenmullen chart)

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I would be willing to discuss with you.  I drive home from 5-6PST and have time to talk then.  Message me if you want to interview me :)



February 2017 started Ambien (Whatever the highest dose was) and Ativan 1.5mg

March 2017 started lexapro.  15mg  -Weaned off Ativan after about 2 months on it. 

Weaned off Ambien after 4 months on it every night.  Lexapro starting working and didn't need it.

April 2018 started reduced Lexapro.  15mg-12.5mg.

May 18' 10mg, June 18' 7.5mg, July 18' 5mg, August 18' 4.5mg, Sept 18' 4.0mg, Oct 18' 3.5mg, Nov 18' 3.0mg.

Jan 19' 2.5mg, February 19' 2.0mg, From here I went about .10mg drops at a time and sometimes more every 2 weeks depending on how I feel.  That was from February-August 20th 2019.

I got to .30mg and decided to jump off.  It was so small and decided I needed to face my fears.  I created nueral pathways in my brain that I was fearing withdrawal.

Lexapro 0.0mg 8/20/2019





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