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Superwoman: Effexor taper

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Thursday December 5, 2019


9:30am: Wake up pulse 84, 8.5hrs sleep, tired, 1 C green tea, breakfast, Effexor xr 112.5

10 am: Pulse 96

10:30: Massage 

1pm: Nap

1:30pm: Pulse 84, Drive to work, fatigue 

2:30pm: irritability 1 hr

5pm: Anxiety mild

5:30pm: Headache slight, fatigue 1 hr.
6:30pm: Dinner fatigue, 1 C green tea

7pm: Alright, more energy rest of evening 

9pm: Usual Allergies all day(runny nose, sneezing, phlegm) mild

11pm: Leave work

11:30pm: Snack, bloating, burping

12am: Armour Thyroid reduced to 120 mg. 
12:30am: Shower

1am: Bed, pulse 84, heart palpitations mild, bloating 

Notes Thursday: No brain zaps after taking decreased doseage of Armour Thyroid 120mg.  heart palpitations while laying in bed could have been from green tea I drank in evening, gas, or Armour Thyroid. 

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Friday December 6, 2019


9:30am: Woke up 8.5 hrs sleep, tired, breakfast, 1 C green tea

10am: Effexor xr 112.5mg., probiotic increased to 4 tsp.

10:30am: Gas, bloating, few slight brain zaps

11am. Fatigue all morning 

11:30. Chiropractor 

1:30pm: Slight anxiety 

2pm: Fatigue, 1 cup green tea

6:30pm: Dinner

7-9pm fatigue, brain zaps here and there slight 

9pm. Fatigue rest of evening 

12:30am: Snack, heart palpitations, bloating 

1am: Armour Thyroid 120 mg

1:30am: Bed, acid reflux mod. 
5am: Woke up took tums


Notes Friday: No palpitations after Armour Thyroid.  Some palpitations after snack maybe related to Acid Reflux and indigestion.  Lot of fatigue.  No depression again


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Saturday December 7, 2019


11:30am. Woke up 10 hrs sleep, breakfast, 1 C green tea, Effexor xr 112.5mg

12pm: Few slight brain zaps while taking Effexor 

12:30pm: Okay 

1pm: Craft show, lunch, bloating mild

1:30pm: Gas only symptom all afternoon 

2pm: Shopping, no symptoms 6 hrs

7:30pm: Probiotic 4 tsp. 
8:30pm: Shower, brain zaps when brushing hair

9pm. Onguard and tea tree topical

9:30pm; Few brain zaps mild 

10pm: Peppermint oil, tums

10:30pm: 10:30-12am: Brain zaps here and there 

11pm: Gas severe most of day

12am: Armour Thyroid 120mg, gas relief tea,Touchpoints

1:30 am: Bed, ok

Notes Saturday: bad gas all day.  Otherwise great day.  I went shopping, went to a craft fair with friends. It was unusual that I had energy all day with all this activity. 


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Friday Dec. 6, 2019


Chiroprator Visit


Harmonized to Armour Thyroid 120 mg, environmental allergies and viruses, coco/ chocolate, Probiotic 


Still working on harmonizing to sugar and caffeine.

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December 8, 2019 Sunday


12pm: Wake up 10 hrs sleep, breakfast, pulse 96, fatigue 

12:30pm: Green tea 1 C, ok, Effexor xr 112.5, fatigue, feeling HB (barely perceptible)

1pm: Little more awake 

2pm: Lunch, 1 C green tea

3pm: Shopping, more energy than usual but still little tired

6:30pm: Fatigue 

7pm: Dinner & movie, restless, anxiety mild rest of evening 

7:30pm: Feeling HB nearly perceptible (amplified HB?)

10pm: Probiotic 4 tsp. 
10:30pm: Touchpoint Solution, SleepyTime tea, Apple 

11pm: Calmer

12am: Bloating mod., Shower, Armour Thyroid 120 mg. 
12:30am: Peppermint oil 4 drops, bed

1am: Some trouble falling asleep 


Notes Sunday: tired, trouble getting going in morning, but once I got going moving I had more energy and got a lot done. Still mild fatigue throughout day



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Monday December 9, 2019


Test: No Probiotic and no Armour Thyroid at bedtime. 

10:30am: Wake up 10 hrs sleep, tired, breakfast 

11am: Effexor xr 112.5mg, 1 C green tea, HB slightly amplified, few brain zaps mild 

11:30am: Fatigue all morning, otherwise ok

1pm: Virtual doctor visit

1:30pm; Driving to work

2:30: Bloating, 4 peppermint beads

3pm: 3-5pm Brain zaps mild here and there, fatigue, bloating 

5pm: Brain zaps slight, 1 hr. 
6pm: Anxiety slight 30 min. 
6:30pm: Dinner

7pm: Fatigue severe, 1 hr 

8:30pm: Rest of day much more energy, mood better, bloating

11pm: Leave work

11:30pm: Mood little flat and low energy most of day

12:30am. Chocolate candies, heart palpitations 

1am: Bath, amplified HB

1:30am: Bed, amplified HB slight 


Notes Monday: No probiotic today.  I did not notice any difference in symptoms by stopping probiotic.  No Armour Thyroid at bedtime.  Amplified, fast HB after eating sugar.  Fatigue most of day. Tired from too much activity over weekend. 



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I think that I am having amplified, fast heartbeat from acid reflux, bloating and gas.  I read on  google that these things can cause heart palpitations.  

The last two days I didn’t take the Armour Thyroid and I had the palpitations after eating a snack at night after work.  Monday night I noticed the amplified HB while eating some chocolate candies after work.  I didn’t take the thyroid meds.  I then got really bloated.  Last night I skipped tasking the Armour Thyroid again.  I ate the same chocolate candies again at night as a test.  I had the same reaction again of  acid reflux, heart palpitations and bloating. 

I reduced the Armour Thyroid back down to 120 mg again because I was still having brain zaps, anxiety and palpitations at 135mg.  I am not going to mess with it anymore. 

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I forgot to mention that stomach trouble has been a chronic, daily problem for me and has been for years.  It is a lot better then it used to be.  I have a hiatal hernia that causes acid reflux and heartburn. 

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We don't address hiatal hernia here.


Please don't stop taking Armour Thyroid. First of all, it will take weeks before you see any effect from thyroid hormone change. Second, you have not yet seen effects from the change you made 10 days ago. I think this might be the 6th time I've mentioned this.


If you want to test if it is responsible for your symptoms, move it earlier in the day by a few hours each day. You'll have to observe if you have any effects.


I can't keep monitoring you while you adjust your thyroid dose. It's not my job.

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Sorry ok

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Wednesday December 11, 2019


10:30am: Wake up 9.5 hrs sleep, tired

11am: Breakfast, 1 C green tea

11:30am. Effexor xr 112.5 mg

12:30pm: Probiotic 4 tsp. 
1pm: Anxiety slight 

4:30pm: Snack, trail mix with m&m’s

5pm: Symptom but I can’t remember what now

7 to 9: jaw tension, clenching 

10:30pm: Bloating, peppermint beadlets

11pm: Few brain zaps slight, anxiety slight

11:30pm: Bloating off and on all day, mood good all day

12am; Snack, Captain Crunch with milk

12:30am: Few brain zaps slight, bath, amplified HB

1am: Bed, palpitations 


Notes Thursday: Wave today, few symptoms.  Woke up multiple times to go to bathroom, Fell right back asleep

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Thursday December 12, 2019


9 am: Woke up 8hrs sleep, tired

9:30am: Breakfast, 1C green tea, Effexor xr 112.5mg, palpitations, still tired, bloating mild

10am:Driving, fatigue severe, bloating slight

10:30am: Hair appointment

11am: Fatigue all morning severe

12pm: Nap 40 minutes 

1pm: Lunch, still tired, bloated 

1:30pm: Probiotic 4 tsp. 
2pm: Tired, still bloated, otherwise okay 

2:30pm: Work, 1 C green tea, bloating, gas severe, few hrs, tums

4:30pm: 4 peppermint beadlets

5pm: Few slight brain zaps 

6:30pm: Dinner, anxiety 

7pm: Anxiety 1 hr., fatigue 2 hr., few brain zaps 

9pm: Feeling better

12am: Snack, low sugar yogurt, zucchini bread

12:30am: Bath, acid reflux, bloating, amplified HB slight

1am: Armour Thyroid 120 mg., 3 drops peppermint beads

1:30am: Bed, palpitations very slight 


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Saturday December 14, 2019


10:30am: Alarm went off, tired, reset it for 11am

11am: Wake up still tired, 1C green tea, breakfast zucchini bread cream cheese yogurt, Effexor xr 112.5, amplified HB very subtle 

11:30am: Slightly down, grey skies, shower

12pm: Anxiety slight, lunch

12:30pm: Sad mod. don’t know why

1pm: Probiotic 5 tsp

2:30pm: Anxiety slight all afternoon, not depressed rest of day 

5:30pm: Anxiety slight 1 hr


7pm:  Anxiety moderate 2 hrs, nausea severe, acid reflux 

9pm: 4 tums and 4 peppermint beadlets, brain zaps mild rest of evening 

11pm: Leave work


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Friday December 13, 2019


11:30: Wake up, feeling HB barely perceptible, 10 hrs sleep still tired, Effexor XR 112.5 slight depression, breakfast 

12pm: 1 C green tea

12:30pm: Symptoms same

1pm: Increased probiotic 5 tsp., slight anxiety 

1:30pm: Anxiety several hours 

4pm: Snack trail mix, 1 brain zap slight

4:30pm: 1 brain zap slight, anxiety mild 

5pm: 2 brain zaps mild +

6pm: Dinner, depression mild

6:30pm: Left Ear and jaw pain mod 1 hr. 
7pm: 1 brain zap slight 

7:30pm: 2 brain zaps slight, butterflies in stomach few seconds 2 bouts 

8pm: No depression rest of evening, Jaw ear pain mild 1 hr.

12am: Snack-Captain Crunch w/ Almond milk

12:30am: Bloating, burping mild, Armour Thyroid 120 mg

1am: Bed, palpitations slight 



Notes Friday: much less bloating today.  I did not eat breakfast.  I normally have Milk w/ cereal.  At night I ate Captain Crunch  W/Almond milk.  Lot less bloating Reacting to milk? 

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Sunday December 15, 2019


No caffeine


11am: Wake up 10hrs sleep, breakfast, bloating, burping slight 

11:30am: Effexor xr 112.5mg, depression slight 2

12pm: Shower, bloating, burping moderate

1pm: Depression 3, low motivation 

1:30pm: Lunch

2:30pm; Some brain zaps slight 1 hr. 
4:30pm: Nap 30 minutes, amplified HB slight 

5pm: Probiotic 5 tsp.

5:30pm: Depression slight, few slight brain zaps, general malaise 30 min

6:30pm: Feeling better

7pm: Dinner

8:30pm: Depression slight off and on

9:30pm: Few brain zaps mild here and there and amplified HB mild 1 hr

12:30am: Armour Thyroid 120mg. Few brain zaps slight 

1am: Touchpoints, Bed, palpitations slight

Notes Sunday: Cut out caffeine today.  The only difference that I noticed was no anxiety.  Although I I typically feel less anxious at home on the weekend.  Still had brain zaps and amplified HB. 

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Monday December 16, 2019

Started Vitamin D 500 IU


10:30am: Wake up 9.5 hrs sleep, breakfast, 1 brain zap slight 

11am: 1 C green tea, some brain zaps mild

11:30: Effexor xr 112.5mg., shower, symptoms same except more bloated, headache little worse and jaw pain

12pm: Shower, probiotic decreased to 4.5 tsp., headache 

12:30pm: Headache mild

1pm: Lunch, vitamin D3 500IU (.25ml) oral, okay 

2:30-6:30pm: Brain zaps and headaches decreasing frequency over time, jaw clenched 

8:30pm: Some Headaches and brain zaps mild

9-11pm: feeling better, less brain zaps, jaw  clenching little bit better.  Mood a little flat all day, depression slight, low motivation, jaw tension all day

12am: Snack, bloating 

12:30am: Armour Thyroid 120 mg

1am:  Bed, palpitations mild

Notes Monday: added vitamin d 500 IU oral.  Possible reaction to vit. D More brain zaps, headaches and jaw clenching Will Reduce vit. D to 250 IU  

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Tuesday December 17,2019


10:00am: Woke up breakfast, ok

10:30am: 1 C green tea, headache mild, jaw pain, Effexor xr 112.5 

11am: reduced Vitamin d 250 IU, anxiety slight, headache 

11:30am: Chiropractor 

1:30pm: Fatigue 

2:30Pm: 4 hrs Irritability 4, Depression 3, low motivation 

7pm and on overall feeling better, less brain zaps mood improved 

11:30pm: Snack, bloating 

12am: Probiotic reduced to 2 tsp. b/c of reacting, couple brain zaps mild

12:30am: Armour Thyroid 120mg

1am: Bed, bloating, burping, palpitations slight

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Wednesday December 18, 2019


8:30am: Wake up 8 hrs sleep, breakfast and green tea 1 C, ok

9am: Effexor xr 112.5mg, ok

9:30am: Anxiety mild, very slight brain zaps

10am: Feeling better

11am: Lunch

11:30: Fatigue 

12:30pm: Nap

1pm: Vitamin d 250 IU, ok, still tired

1:30pm: Fatigue 1 hr

2:30pm: 1 C green tea, headache mild

3pm: Ok, still tired but more energy than before 

7-9pm: fatigue, Headache lasting few minutes very slight, occurred twice

12am: Snack, probiotic 2 tsp, headache mild

12:30am: Armour thyroid 120mg, ok

1am: Bed, ok


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Friday December 20, 2019


period started today


11am: Wake up 10 hrs sleep, still tired pressed snooze, breakfast, 1 C green tea

11:30am: Okay but still tired, period starts

12pm: Effexor xr 112.5mg, ok

12:30pm: Vitamin D 0.63ml (1,250IU), alright, still tired

1pm: Probiotic 2 tsp., headache mild lasting 1 min.

1:30pm: Fatigue all afternoon mod.+

2:30pm; 2:30-4:30pm: few brain zaps slight, fatigue all afternoon mod. +

5-6:30pm: fatigue mod.

6:30pm: Dinner, Coffee 1 C, headache mild lasting 10 minutes 

7pm: More energy and mood better rest of evening 

10pm; Headache mild 15 minutes 

11pm: Headache moderate 1 hr. 
1am: Armour Thyroid 120mg, bed


Notes: fatigue recently has most likely been PMS

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Sunday Dec. 22, 2019


on period


10am: Wake up 8 hrs sleep, exhausted, breakfast, 1C green tea, Effexor xr 112.5mg

10:30am: Exhausted all morning 

11am: 1ml (2000IU) Vitamin D

11:30am: 1 C green tea, Effexor xr 112.5mg, head pressure immediately after taking Effexor 

12pm: Exhausted all afternoon 

12:30pm: Vitamin d 1,500IU (0.75ml), ok

1-4pm: Nap

4pm: Wake up still tired, walk dog around block, 1 C green tea

4:30pm: Tired all evening severe

7pm: Slight headache 

7:30pm: Dinner, amplified HB slight 

8:30pm: Shower

9pm: Probiotic 2 tsp. 
10:30pm: Armour Thyroid 120 mg

11:30pm: Bed, alright 

Notes Sunday: Severe fatigue only Significant symptom today.  Fatigue not surprising because I babysat my nephews the day before, I was on my period and I didn’t get enough sleep the night before. Don’t seem to be reacting to vitamin d anymore. Little bit of trouble falling asleep. Could be b/c of 3 hr nap in afternoon or green  tea in evening.

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Monday Dec. 23, 2019


on period


11am: Wake up 11.5hrs sleep, still tired, breakfast

11:30am: Effexor xr 112.5mg, head pressure immediately after taking Effexor 

12am: Still tired

12:30am: Vitamin d 1ml 2000 IU, ok

1pm: Lunch, walked dog around block yawning as I walk

1:30pm: Very tired


3:30pm: 1C green tea, still tired but a little more energy 

5pm: Movie, feeling better (more energy)

7:30pm: Dinner

9pm: Shopping, anxiety, headache mild

10:30pm: Probiotic increased to 2tsp & 1/8 tsp., ok

11pm: Reading, relaxed 

12:30am: Armour Thyroid 120 mg, peppermint EO oral

1am: Bed, ok


Notes: I’m not reacting to vitamin d and Armour thyroid thus far since chiropractor harmonized me to it.  Handling probiotic better since reducing, but still reacting mildly. 

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Tuesday December 24, 2019


on period 


8am: Wake up 7 hrs sleep, tired but more awake than expected for such little sleep 

8:30am:1 C green tea, breakfast, Effexor xr 112.5mg

9am: Depression 1

10am: Counselor 

11:30am: Lunch

12pm: Driving, fatigue severe eye lids heavy

1pm: Probiotic 2000IU, 1ml, nap 1-2:30pm

2;30pm: 1C green tea, snack, more energy 

4pm: Household Chores, doing well

6pm: Diffused Peace essential oil 4 drops, headache slight, teeth clenching 

6:30pm: Turned off diffuser 

7pm; Dinner, 1 glass wine

7:30pm: Depression 2

8pm: Tried diffusing Peace oil again reduced to 1 drop. Seemed ok with this

10pm: Probiotic 2 & 1/4 tsp., ok

11:30pm: 2 brain zaps mild

12am: Board game w/husband, mood good

12:30am: Headache slight on and off

1am: Read, Touchpoints Armour Thyroid 120mg, sleepy Time tea, anxiety slight 

1:30am: Bed, progressive relaxation

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Wednesday December 25, 2019


11am: Wake up 9.5hrs sleep, well rested, brain zaps 1

11:30am: Breakfast, 1C green tea, ok

12pm: Effexor xr 112.5mg, headache and anxiety slight 

1pm: Vitamin d 2000IU, 1ml, nap 1-2:30pm

1:30pm: 1 glass wine, ok

2pm; Christmas dinner, 1 glass wine, few slight brain zaps

2:30-4:30pm: slight brain zaps here and there, infrequent 

3pm: Depression 2

5pm: Headaches and brain zaps off and on evening mild

5:30pm: Probiotic 2tsp. 3/8 tsp. 
7pm: Runny nose and sneezing all day today 

7:30pm: Some jaw tension 

10pm: Agitation slight 

10:30pm: Snack amplified HB

11pm: Touchpoints solutions 

11:30pm: More relaxed

12:30 am: Armour Thyroid 120mg. 
1am: Bed, progressive muscle relaxation


Notes Wednesday: Had a glass of wine because it was a special occasion, Christmas.  Reacted to the wine.  Not going to drink anymore alcohol. 

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Thursday December 26, 2019


11am: Wake up, 10hrs sleep, well rested, breakfast, green tea 1C, ok

11:30: Effexor xr 112.5mg

12pm: Vitamin d 1ml 2000IU, heartburn, burping, bloating 

12:30pm: Shower, Onguard EO, tea tree EO topical feet

1pm: Pack, peppermint EO, headache slight 

1:30pm: Probiotic 2.5tsp. Headache slight 

2-6pm: brain zaps 1 infrequent, otherwise good

5pm: Arrive cabin, mood great nearly day

6pm: Few brain zaps slight 

6:30pm: Grocery shopping, anxiety and indecisive 5

7:30pm: Dinner at campfire 

11pm: Armour Thyroid 120mg

3:30pm: Bed


Notes Thursday:  No runny nose or sneezing today.  On vacation at cabin.  Mood good all day except for anxiety when shopping.  Energy all day.  No palpitations, anxiety, or brain zaps after taking Armour Thyroid since Chiropractor harmonized me to it. 

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Friday December 27, 2019


On vacation at cabin 


11:30am: Woke up 8 hrs sleep w/heartburn, surprisingly awake,breakfast, 1C green tea

12pm: Effexor xr 112.5, headache slight 

12:30pm: Vitamin d 1ml 2000 IU, ok

1-3pm: hiking, mood great, heartburn only discomfort 

3:30pm: Relaxing at cabin, calm, fatigue mild

5pm: 4 tums, 1 brain zap mild

7pm: Campfire dinner, happy, excited all day

8:30pm: playing Cards, engaged, happy

11pm: Washing dishes, anxiety slight till bed

1am: Armour Thyroid 120mg

1:30am: Bed, progressive muscle relaxation


Notes Friday: I was surprised how much energy I felt after going to bed late.  Mood great whole time at cabin.    Mood not flat. Able to feel positive range of emotions And able to enjoy myself (excitement, happy) Symptoms have not been fluctuating so much day to day.  More stable. 


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Saturday December 28, 2019


10am: Wake up 8.5hrs sleep, well rested, green tea 1C, breakfast 

10:30am: Reduced Effexor XR 10% to 101.25mg, headache very slight, bloating, burping 

11am: Vitamin d 1ml, 2000IU, peppermint beadlets, headache very slight 

12pm: Driving home, fatigue 2.5hrs

2pm: Probiotic reduced to 2 tsp. 
2:30pm: Nap 1 hr., 4 tums

4:30pm: 2 hrs. Jaw clenching 5

6:30pm-8:30pm: No symptoms 

8:30pm: Snack, acid reflux 

9pm: Digest zen EO, 4 Tums, slight headache lasting few minutes 

10:30pm: 4 tums, brain zaps 1, infrequent 1 hr.

12am: Armour thyroid 120mg

12:30am: Meditate 10 minutes 

1am: Bed


Notes Saturday: No increase in symptoms from from Effexor reduction. If anything I felt better.  Less anxiety.  I was going to hold off on tapering for 1 month from when I lowered Armour Thyroid. But I spoke with doctor and he said It only takes weeks to take effect if you increase it, not if you decrease it.  So it has already taken full effect.  I think I am stable and doctor thought I was fine to start tapering.  Also, I want to get to 75 mg before spring b/c I don’t want to try to taper during bad allergies.  I also want to get to 75 mg and hold so I can raise the Armour Thyroid.  I also think I am having side effects from Effexor and hope the reduction helps.  I am going to hold at this dose for 1 month.  Then I will reduce another 10% if all goes well. 

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Sunday December 29, 2019


11am: Wake up 10 hrs sleep, well rested, stiff

11:30am: Breakfast, 1C green tea, headache 2

12pm: Effexor xr 101.25mg, same symptoms 

1pm: Vitamin d 1ml 2000IU, symptoms same

1:30pm: Probiotic 2tsp., headache slight, burping few minutes 

2:30pm: Fatigue 1.5hrs

4pm: Nap 20 minutes 

5pm: Movie

7:30pm: Brain zaps mild infrequent 

8pm: Dinner, no depression thus far

10pm: Brain zaps mild infrequent 

12am: Peppermint EO, Armour Thyroid 120mg, 4 Tums

12:30am: Meditate 15min.

1am: Bed


Notes Sunday: Day 2 of Effexor reduction No increase in symptoms. Still not reacting to Armour Thyroid.  Reacting again to green tea.  No depression or anxiety. 

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Monday Dec. 30, 2019


9:30am: Wake up w/ headache 2, 8.5hrs sleep, tired, breakfast, 1C green tea

10am: Effexor xr 101.25mg. headache 2

10:30am: Vitamin d 1ml, 2000IU

12pm: Effexor xr 101.25mg, same symptoms 

12:30pm: Lunch, internal shaky feeling 

2:30pm: Shopping 1hr, ok

3:30pm: Hands ache 2, 1 hr

10:30pm: Board game, jaw tension 1 hour

12am: Yoga

12:30am: bed

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Wednesday January 1, 2020


11am: Woke up 8.5hrs sleep, well rested, jaw tension 3

11:30am: 1C green tea, ok 

12pm: Effexor xr 101.25mg, very faint headache lasting few minutes 

12:30pm: Vitamin d 1ml, 2000IU, okay 

1:30pm: Probiotic 2 tsp., okay 

2pm: Lunch, fatigue all afternoon 

5pm: Fatigue all evening, lessening in late evening 

5:30pm: Jaw clenching all evening 

6pm: 1 brain zap when drinking cold beverage 

12:30am: Armour Thyroid 120mg, ok

1am: Bed


Notes Wednesday: few symptoms other than fatigue and jaw clenching.  No depression or anxiety, only 1 brain zap.  I had trouble falling asleep.  Then I realized I forgot to diffuse my essential oil.  Diffused 2 drops lavender EO and fell asleep easily. 

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Thursday January 2, 2020


12pm: Woke up 11hrs sleep, depression 1, still tired, breakfast, green tea 1C

12:30pm: Effexor xr 101.25mg

2pm: Arrive at work 

2:30pm: Fatigue lessening 

4:30pm: Flat mood/depression 2, jaw clenching 2 on and off afternoon 

10pm: Bloating, 4 peppermint beads then brain zaps mild lasting a few minutes 

11pm: Leave work

11:30pm: Flat mood/depression 2, jaw clenching 2 on and off evening

12am: Shower 

12:30am: Armour Thyroid 120 mg

1am: Buzzers, tea tree, Onguard EO topical, ok

1:30am: Aromatouch, peppermint, frankincense EO topical, lavender aromatic, amplified HB, anxiety slight 


Notes Thursday:  I sometimes have amplified HB when I diffuse lavender EO. But if I don’t diffuse it then I have trouble sleeping.  Going to try a different essential oil for sleep and see if I tolerate it better.  Mood more flat since returning to work. Maybe b/c my job is boring and monotonous?  Still doing well with taper. 

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Monday January 6, 2020


tested Vetiver EO aromatic 


9:30am: Woke up 8 hrs sleep

10am: Breakfast w/ peer supporter, 1C coffee, fatigue moderate 

10:30am: Effexor xr 101.25mg, fatigue mod., mood good

11am: Vitamin d 1ml, 2000IU, fatigue, acid reflux 

11:30am: Acid reflux, fatigue 

12pm: Nap 1 hr

1:30pm: Probiotic 2 tsp. 

2:30pm: Heartburn severe 2 hrs, 6 tums

4:30pm: Hot feeling, ears feel hot

6pm: Headache 1, 1 hr.

7pm: Yawning 1 hr. Frequent, not tired, runny nose rest of evening 

8:30pm: Yawning mod. Frequency 1.5 hrs

10pm: Yawning Frequency 5, deep breaths 8, headache 3

10:30pm Yawning frequency 4, deep breaths 7, headache 3

11pm: Yawning frequency 4, deep breaths 6, headache 3

11:30pm: Yawning, deep breaths, headache lessening 

12am: Snack 

12:30am: Armour Thyroid 120mg

1am: Bed, 2 drops Vetiver EO, heart palpitations 2


Notes Monday: mood good all day.  No anxiety.  I was yawning excessively and taking deep breaths b/c I felt like I could not get enough oxygen.  No reaction after coffee other than bad HB, but I don’t know if this was from coffee or food.  Reaction to Vetiver EO  

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Tuesday January 7, 2020


10:30am: Wake up 9.5 hrs sleep headache 1, well rested

11am: Breakfast, 1C green tea, Effexor xr 101.25, headache worsening 3

11:30am: Vitamin d, headache worsening 6

12pm: Shower

12:30pm: Ok

1pm: Probiotic 2 tsp

1:30pm: Ok 1 hr

2:30pm: Headache 1

4pm: Depression 1 

6pm: Lethargic 

10:30pm, Few bouts flat mood evening

11pm: Headaches 1-2, sporadic throughout evening 

12am: Snack, amplified HB

12:30am: Armour Thyroid 120mg, amplified HB

1am: Bed, amplified HB


notes: Not sure if reaction from Effexor or Green tea


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Wednesday Jan 8, 2020


worked over late


11am: Wake up 10.5hrs sleep, breakfast, 1 C green tea, ok, 

11:30am: Effexor xr 101.25 mg, ok

12pm: Shower, ok

12:30pm: Slim & Sassy EO topical, tea tree, Onguard EO 

1pm: 1 brain zap mild

1:30pm: Probiotic 2 tsp, vitamin d, Ok

2-4:30, flat mood 2

4:30pm-6pm: Flat mood 4

6:00: Ok

6:30pm:  Dinner, 1 C black tea, ok

7pm: Flat mood 2

7:30pm-1am: Alright 
11-1am: mandatory overtime 
1am: 1 brain zap mild

1:30am: Armour Thyroid 120mg

2am: Bed, aromatouch, Deep Blue EO topical, lavender aromatic 

2:30pm: Turned off diffuser and palpitations stopped 


Notes Wednesday: trying to find EO for sleep that I do not react to.  Still doing well with taper.  Few symptoms today besides flat mood. 

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Friday January 10, 2020


worked late night before

12pm: Wake up 10hrs sleep, groggy, trouble sleeping last 2 nights 

12:30pm: 1 C coffee, breakfast, Effexor xr 101.25mg, light headed 1

1pm: Probiotic 2 tsp, vitamin d 2000 IU, ok

1:30pm: Fatigue all afternoon 

3pm: Headache lasting few minutes twice 

5-6:30pm: fatigue 
6:30pm: Dinner, 1 C black tea

7:30-9pm Hip stiffness 7, acid reflux 
8pm: Peppermint beads

9pm: 4 tums

9:30: Felt better rest of evening 

11pm: Leave work

12am: Watching TV, tired

1:30am: Armour Thyroid 120mg

2pm: Bed, 2 drops Cederwood aromatic, ok


Notes Friday: mandatory overtime last 2 nights threw my body a little out of whack.  Worked late.  Had extra caffeine to get through day, then had trouble sleeping.  Tired and brain fog. 

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Sunday January 12, 2020


12pm: Wake up 11hrs sleep, slept better, breakfast, 1C green tea, ok

12:30pm: Effexor xr 101.25mg, ok 

1pm: Vitamin d topical 2000UU, ok

1:30pm: Probiotic 2 tsp., maybe slightly activating?

5pm; Dinner w/ in-laws, irritability 

6:30pm: Depression 1

7pm: Movie, restlessness 

10pm: Board game w/ husband, anxiety & indecision 3

12am: Headache moderate

12:30am: Meditate 15 minutes 

1am: Reading, not sleepy

1:30am: Sleepy time tea, 

2am: Bed


Notes Saturday: Tried a topical vitamin d cream b/c my stomach is so sensitive.  Less stomach problems, but the topical vitamin d might be more activating? b/c I had more anxiety today.  Few brain zaps don’t remember when.  

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Monday January 13, 2020


12pm: Wake up 10 hrs sleep, breakfast, 1 C green tea, headache few minutes 1

12:30pm: Effexor 101.25mg, still tired

1pm: Topical vitamin d 2000IU, fatigue 

1:30pm: Probiotic 2tsp., fatigue 

2pm: Fatigue 

2:30-4pm, flat mood 2/3, irritability, groggy
4-6:30pm: not groggy, less irritable, flat mood 2/3, little less tired

6pm: Headache lasting 1 minute

6:30pm: Dinner, ok

7pm: 1 hr flat mood 4/5

8pm: Flat mood 3

8:30pm: Flat mood 2 

9pm; Mood good rest of evening, few brain zaps after eating chocolate bar

11pm: Brain zaps, 1 hr

12am: Headache moderate 

12:30am: Armour Thyroid 120mg

1am: Bed, diffuse Pettigran EO, fell asleep easy

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