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sunflowergirl: hello all


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I am new to this site, but have been reading for a while.  I switched doctor's in December to someone who would help me taper down and give me liquid abilify.  I have been reducing the liquid abilify slowly.  I reduce once a month.  I have only been making around 3-4 % drops so far.   I really don't want to do more than a 5% drop of the abilify a month.  So far my biggest side effect from the drops is extreme fatigue.  I wonder what other people's symptoms are with abilify drops.  I started at 100 mg of luvox in April of 2018 and am down to 85 mg.  My highest ever of Abilify was 5, then quickly went to 2.5, and have been slowly dropping since.  I am currently on 1.55 mg.  The abilify made me put on a lot of weight.  I am almost to 200 pounds from the abilify  and it has also caused a lot of restlessness, but the restlessness has went away for the most part.  The added pounds remain.  Sorry to ramble, and thank you everyone!

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Welcome, sunflowergirl.


Are you tapering Luvox and Abilify at the same time? If so, we can't tell which is causing the fatigue. What times of day do you take your drugs, at what dosages?

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