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Vegalia Escitalopram and Lysanxia ( prazepam)

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Hi @Hisame


Thank you for comming hère.

The most of burnings seems to be on the surface


Je te souhaite bon courage et d'aller mieux.




Salut @rola


Thank you, I hope you too.

5h30 of sleep : ça va.

Only my father doesn't know in my familly.

My friends knows. Chacun son choix


Prends soin de toi.






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Hi Vega


23 hours ago, Vegalia said:

go to the psychiatr with taxi,


How did this meeting go?

Your symptoms are moving through the normal range.

I know it does not feel good but it does mean you are getting better, sloooooooooowly🤗



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37 minutes ago, Sassenach said:

Hi Vega



How did this meeting go?

Your symptoms are moving through the normal range.

I know it does not feel good but it does mean you are getting better, sloooooooooowly🤗




Hi Sass 


For the meeting with the doctor ?

I was polite. She prescrived me DA and prazepam.

Of course she Sayed That I can't have tapering too fast the DA : too little doses. ^^

And you knows for lamictal. But she Sayed too that she doesn't want to force me to take a drug...


I hope I will get better but anxiety is So hard that is it as a nightmare. 😧

So : "If you are going through Hell, keep going?"


Good evening Sass






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  • 16  october

sleep for 11.30 pm to 5.30am woke with back pain and burning : 4 head pain : 3, brain zap, nausea

8. 15 am : homéopathy, probiotics, lihium citrate, anxiety 4 dépression 4

8.30 am :  breakfast and  escitalopram1,5 mg 

9 am : prazepam 4,75 mg, dépression : 5, anxiety 7-8

1.30  pm : homeopathy, eat. Anxiety ; 8,,5, dépression 5 I really forced me to eat !

Go 15 mn in the garden and found a violette in october...(my favorite flower)= all is possible. ^^

Take courage and go to the pharmacy with my car (5km)

3 PM : prazepam 4,75 mg always very anxious

3.30 PM : walking 20 mn (I dind't do this fore long, long time. It was difficult, but I was happy to be able to do this.

7.40 pM : homéopathy, dîner,  dépression 5, anxiety 5 :) pains, burnings and brain zap So as yesterday. Brain like in fog, leds than yesterday.

9 PM prazepam 4,75 mg : dépression 5 : anxiety 5

11.PM : homeopathy and L-tryptophane 220 mg



nausea : several times 

Back muscles contracted, burning arms, legs, brain zap : harder morning and evening, = yestetday.

unplaisant spine sensations  :stable

Painfull legs : stable

legs are like cotton : no

Equilibrium problems : on morning and evening more than yesterday

visual problems : not a lot

Bruxism : 6

Cold  : 2 times

sensibility to light and noises  : stable

small difficulties for speech in réduction

No sweat 

Cry several times but just little tears.



Today, the most difficult was anxiety.^^

Physical symptôms are harder  early am morning and the evening.

Depression stable, more anxiety : very hard !


Since 4 days pain in pancrea again.


Fingers crossed for tomorrow..



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