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A collection of recent press articles on lived withdrawal experience: Daily Telegraph, “I spent 9 years trying to come off prescription drug”, “The Times” ‘I stopped taking antidepressants after 18 years, it didn’t go as planned’

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*There was also another article by a UK male tv personality that described antidepressant withdrawal as “really dark” but I cant find it anywhere. I recall he was interviewed on UK tv “This Morning”. 


Sarah Vine, wife of UK politician is also vocal about her struggles to come off:








Does anyone have knowledge of Professor Derelie Mangin’s study?


I spoke to Professor Derelie Mangin from McMaster University in Canada, who has led the first rigorous, long-term trial of withdrawal, as to why this may be.

“Drug companies really only have a mandate to their shareholders to do the trials that will bring the drugs onto the market,” she explained.

“The system is not structured for anyone to have responsibility. Given the lengths of time that these drugs have been on the market, it’s extraordinary that we still don’t have the kind of evidence that we need.”

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