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Cathy4: Zoloft withdrawal gone awry

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2:30am-4am awake, difficulty going back to sleep.  Slight pain after getting up to urinate, but not too bad


7:30am woke up, took 37.5mcg levothyroxine, cooked breakfast for family member’s Birthday. 

8:00am  took .25mg klonopin, meditation in front of light box


8:45am  ate breakfast, took B-vitamins + D-mannose, 67.5 mg zoloft, kept hot packs on abdomen/pelvic area to ease discomfort, drank chamomile tea, went back to room for more meditation, journaling.  

10:00am  watched a little college football, tried to get mind off health anxiety & fear


11:40am  managed to drive to store to get cupcakes & flowers for the birthday


12:00pm  extreme fatigue set in as attempted to walk up hill to put letter in mailbox (walk was under 2 miles but felt like I was just trudging)


12:45pm  ate some leftover tuna


1:00pm  sister & nephew came over, played with nephew for awhile.  Aware of pelvic pain moving to one side (left) and pain in left leg—felt like what growing pains used to feel like


3:00pm  rested in room for awhile, more hot packs.  Drank a lot of tea, water, some cranberry juice


4:00pm  sister brought back some Thai food.  Hungry but couldn’t eat, worried & obsessed with having some sort of reaction to food I don’t normally eat.  

4:30pm  started feeling panicky, sister & nephew packing up to leave.  Did alternate nostril breathing to try and feel air passing through nostrils, nephew clingy


5:00pm  cleaned up & did dishes, went back to room verging on panic attack.  Former therapist called and tried to carry on conversation with him while just trying to focus on breath


6:00pm  cried a little, pain in leg and left pelvis and flank a bit better.  Requested spiritual help from Universe to get through this.  

7:30pm  managed to eat some phad Thai.  Fed cat, cleaned litter, made fresh ginger tea.  

8:00pm  got into bed, checked email/texts, wrote to Kernol, did meditation and breathing in bed.  Hard time falling asleep, but got to sleep 9:45 or 10pm

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1:30-3am awake (ate rx bar because so hungry)


7:40am  woke up, took 37.5mg levothyroxine and .25mg klonopin

Scared, but not as bad as previous two mornings, light box plus attempt to meditate


8:30am  cooked breakfast, took B-vitamins, tried 500mg of evening primrose oil to see if could help the possible uptick in symptoms because period due in week, took 67.5mg zoloft.  

10:00am  any/every pain from yesterday totally gone.  Poof.  
Cold and trouble warming up, excessive thirst, but no pelvic, flank, or abdominal pain.  

10:30am  watched some NFL football


11:30am  hot liver cleanse tea, fielded some calls from former job (doing a little consulting when I can). 

12:30pm  ate some leftover Thai food.  

1:00pm  set out for walk in woods.  Surprised still no abdominal weirdness, pleased.  Was enjoying walk, but constant calls from new manager about not enough chlorine in pools, etc.) 


2:30pm  stopped by the swim club to recalibrate one of the chlorine feeders.  Feel quite anxious and don’t want to be there plus liquid chlorine leaks in pump house.  

3:00pm home, nephew visiting again.  Play a little w/him, takes my mind off anger about pool and anxiety


4:30pm  cook some healthy dinner, able to eat.  

5:00pm  household chores, finished Christmas lights


6:00pm  a little anxiety creeping in, but nothing like past two nights


6:30pm  ate a bit more in hopes of not waking up hungry in night 


7:00pm  play with Henrietta (cat)


7:30pm epsom salt bath


8:00pm  do a Feldenkrais lesson to help calm down, notice a twinge of pelvic discomfort 


8:45pm  in bed, practice breathing, takes awhile to fall asleep

probably fall asleep around 9:30 or :45




awake 2am, pain after urinating returns but only for half hour.  Worry about this a little b/c then it migrates up flanks, back, and feel very full of something (gas?) and totally constipated like gut trying to move stuff through but can’t 


awake til 6:00am, maybe light sleep til 8:00am


8:00am worried I’m dying.  Take .25mg klonopin.  Drink water with prebiotic in it.  Scared of flank/back pain.  Able to have bowel movement.  

8:30am sit in front of light box and record symptoms in journal.  More hot pack, trying to just breathe through 


9:35am (now)  pain a tish less, maybe will subside so I can get something to eat.  
This is the hardest thing I’ve been through since childhood.  





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12/2 continued


10:30-1pm  lay in bed and tried to rest/sleep, feel unproductive, worry about health


1:30pm  eat a yogurt & smoothie (very hungry but it’s difficult to eat very much)


2:00pm  cleaned up kitchen a bit and brushed Henrietta, anxiety still very high


2:30pm  texted former therapist asking for reassurance about health 


3:00pm  broke down boxes in garage and did a little cleaning.  Turned on sports radio but started thinking about future and paced back & forth


4:00-5:30pm  Intense Anxiety about dying, went to room, played 3 meditations, breathed through.  

Flank & pelvic pain have eased up


6:00pm  watch a little Monday Night Football.  Ate bits of salad and eventually two small pieces of chicken tenders 


7:00pm  cleaned litter box and responded to texts on phone.  Had fantasy about blocking many people’s numbers.  

8:00pm  watched a little more football, feeling a bit less anxiety


9:00pm  chamomile tea and in bed for meditation with hot packs.  Crossing fingers for good sleep






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8 hours ago, Cathy4 said:

10:30-1pm  lay in bed and tried to rest/sleep, feel unproductive, worry about health


1:30pm  eat a yogurt & smoothie (very hungry but it’s difficult to eat very much)


2:00pm  cleaned up kitchen a bit and brushed Henrietta, anxiety still very high


2:30pm  texted former therapist asking for reassurance about health 


A lot of people experience upticks in health anxiety, especially with so many symptoms and very little doctor awareness of withdrawal syndrome. You may find this thread helpful:


Health anxiety, hypochondria, and obsession with symptoms


Knowing these symptoms are common and they do go away can be helpful, so also take a read of the many success stories:


Success stories: Recovery from withdrawal


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Thank you, Shep.  Reading more success stories is a good idea for me.  



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