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Ocd symptoms worse? Please opine.

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Hello! I have just come off two weeks of Prozac after a very bad panic suicidal insomniac freak out from it. It has been two weeks today since the doctor said to quit. My OCD is very bad today. Is this normal?




  • put on benzos for cancer anxiety in 2011, prn, made me crazy in 2013, cocomittant with tamoxifen, depleting my estrogen. Entered hospital, put on more benzos once out for about a year and tapered for two years--during which time I was put on zoloft while tapering. Tapered off zoloft in fall 2016.
    Felt really anxious this fall--2019, doctor put me on 5 mg. of prozac for one week, then 10 mg. for another, and I had a panic attack, doom, and insomnia on night 13. Stopped taking meds according to the doctor the next day.

    Now feeling EXACTLY the way I did coming off benzos, total insomnia and mentally gone.

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