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Risperidone Hell


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Please I smoked few puffs of weed today and I had a very strange feeling . Seem like my body as been disorganized , like the whole of me is scattered . Seem like my body is been rearranged and it lasted for few minutes and I went back to my spoilt state. My neck muscles, ear rib cage or seem like coming to place and I have tinnitus now . 

Im sorry worried . Please anyone had this sort of feelings ? 




July 18 started risperidone 1m/1m=2m

Stop when I was feeling weird 

reinstated due to withdrawal about 7 time with 3 months and 2m 5nights 

then quit cold 🥶 turkey 🦃 

My life is hell 

had just 30mg altogether please I need help 

July 18 Risp 1/1mg day   on and of 12times didnt know it was the drug 

2m sep for 4 to September 9

Ct Sept 10 / RI 1mg Sept 15 to 16

went down to 0.5mg Sept 17/18 

CT sep 19 30mg whine drug estimate

tmj, brain zaps, itching, body pains, loud tinnitus, brain fog , tremors , body ,Td,deregulation , sleep issues due to loud tinnitus. Facial movements, clogged ear , choky , burning , discomfort,banging brain 

bruxism , teeth clenching, hedac/nerve p



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