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Crying spells and frozen neck


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Hey guys,

I'm having bad crying spells and a frozen neck from neuropathy.

I'm trying to work out whether this is from my 2 day CT of Paxil, or whether it's from using Valium. Thoughts? Dave.

Took Paxil 2 days (June 15th - 17th 2019) 10mg was awful, so cold turkeyed. Had the dreaded "Paxil Flu". It's not kind. Feels like a real bad chest/sinus infection. W/Ds are wearing off now, hopefully not protracted *fingers crossed*.


Been taking Valium daily or every 2nd day for 5 months (February 28th 2019 to present day) at 2.5mg most days. Updosed to 3.25mg for Paxil withdrawal. Need help withdrawing from Valium now.


Currently on a stabilising schedule. Taking Valium 2.5mg at 10:30am and then 1.25mg at 6:30pm every day. Getting @Shep to help me stabilise and then wean down.


No longer take Fish Oil or any supplements. Eating a clean diet and cutting out all caffeine products. Exercising regularly with the help of a psychologist.

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