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What is considered stable?


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Wanted to ask everyone their thoughts on what they consider stable.

i feel I’ll always have a bit of anxiety (lots of life stressor) but my main symptom is sleep (or lack of) I don’t expect as I figure most don’t for this part of things to be perfect but at what point would you consider your sleep stable if that’s the only symptom you’re considering? 

-JAN 18' - aug 18’ -22.5mg temazapam + 7.5-15mg remeron  for insomnia. —Aug 18’ temazapam switched to ambien 10mg

-AUG 18’ - April/May 19’ Taper off remeron 

-Mid july 19’ - one week of  200mg Gabapentin c/t  —-mid July 19”-  3 weeks of 50mg trazadone fast tapered 

-July 19’- began random use of .5 Xanax rarely to get rest 

- Mid Aug 19’ - one day of viibryd, 7 days of cymbalta 30mg, 3 days of seroquel 25-50mg

-Aug- 1 wk of Klonopin .5-.75 fast taper 

-Sep 19’ tried trazadone 50 again (still on ambien 10mg)  some time in sep 19’ was c/t off 10mg ambien because was thought to have become ineffective

-oct 7 c/t trazadone and restarted 7.5 remeron holding since 

12/3/19  at 7.5 after a 2 day attempt compounded 7mg. Jan 2020  dry taper from 7.5 |Oct 1 at 6.4 high disruption to sleep began |oct 20 Updosed to 6.6 |oct 26 updosed to 6.8 holding. Jan 26 updosed to 7.5 holding till stable.

supplements 400mg magnesium glycinate nightly

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