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What is considered stable?


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Wanted to ask everyone their thoughts on what they consider stable.

i feel I’ll always have a bit of anxiety (lots of life stressor) but my main symptom is sleep (or lack of) I don’t expect as I figure most don’t for this part of things to be perfect but at what point would you consider your sleep stable if that’s the only symptom you’re considering? 

-JAN 18' - aug 18’ -22.5mg temazapam + 7.5-15mg remeron  for insomnia. —Aug 18’ temazapam switched to ambien 10mg

-AUG 18’ - April/May 19’ Taper off remeron 

-Mid july 19’ - one week of  200mg Gabapentin c/t  —-mid July 19”-  3 weeks of 50mg trazadone fast tapered 

-July 19’- began random use of .5 Xanax rarely to get rest 

- Mid Aug 19’ - one day of viibryd, 7 days of cymbalta 30mg, 3 days of seroquel 25-50mg

-Aug- 1 wk of Klonopin .5-.75 fast taper 

-Sep 19’ tried trazadone 50 again (still on ambien 10mg)  some time in sep 19’ was c/t off 10mg ambien because was thought to have become ineffective

-oct 7 c/t trazadone and restarted 7.5 remeron holding since 

12/3/19  at 7.5 after a 2 day attempt compounded 7mg. Jan 2020  dry taper from 7.5 |Oct 1 at 6.4 high disruption to sleep began |oct 20 Updosed to 6.6 |oct 26 updosed to 6.8 holding. Jan 26 updosed to 7.5 holding till stable.

supplements 400mg magnesium glycinate nightly

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This is not medical advice. Discuss any decisions about your medical care with a knowledgeable medical practitioner.

"It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has surpassed our humanity." -- Albert Einstein

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Can I see the response please 

1993 started 20mg Prozac.

2008 switched to 10mg of lexapro.

2015 added 50mg of Wellbutrin. Between 2015 and 2020 raised and lowered dosage of both. 2021 moved to Zoloft for one month then back to lexapro for one month. Then switched to 60mg cymbalta for four months. Then Basically cold turkeyed off cymbalta in two weeks using Prozac as a crossover med to reduce withdrawals. Not good. Then had Nortriptylene added to Prozac. Was on 20mg Prozac and 50mg of Nortriptylene for four months. Then did a four month ween off Nortriptylene. To date have been off cymbalta for approximately 11 months and Nortriptylene 7 weeks.  Presently taking 12.5 mg Prozac. Also taking 10 mg of bystolic for BLood Pressure. I’m not sure how the Prozac makes me feel. It does nothing to make me feel not sad and anxious at times. I finally figured out the meds are not what I need. What I need is to get off the 12.5mg of Prozac and continue to work on my stuff. Any help is deeply appreciated thank you. Reduced from 12.5 to 10 then from 10 to 7.5. Too much of a drop. Bought a scale and went to 9. Stabilized and went to 8.2 oct 1, 2022. Just got hit with wicked low mood, high anxiety, fatigue, chills. The anxiety is high in the AM and  lessons throughout the day. Hoping to stabilize soon 

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Which one?  I think it's in your Introduction topic.  Which is here Mezzer.  Click on the underlined here to get there.

2022 May- continuing with limited activity on site, just something I need to do right now, and.... 2023 April- I will try again soon for another good break.


Started with psycho meds/psychiatric care circa 1988.  In retrospect, and on contemplation, situational overwhelm.

Rounding up to 30 years of medications(30 medication trials, poly-pharmacy maximum was 3 at one time).

5/28/2015-off Adderal salts 2.5mg. (I had been on that since hospital 10/2014)

12/2015---just holding, holding, holding, with trileptal/oxcarb at 75 mg. 1/2 tab at hs.  My last psycho med ever!  Tapered @ 10% every 4 weeks, sometimes 2 weeks to

2016 Dec 16 medication free!!

Longer signature post here, with current supplements.

Herb and alcohol free since 5/15/2016.  And.....I quit smoking 11/2021. Lapsed.  Redo of quit smoking 9/28/2022.  Can you say Hallelujah?(took me long enough)💜

None of my posts are intended as medical advice.  Please discuss any decisions about your medical care with a knowledgeable medical provider.  My success story:  Blue skies ahead, clear sailing


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