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Kellyt: Zoloft cold turkey withdrawal ruined cns


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I went off of my Zoloft 50 mg of 4.5 years old turkey in Jan. Stupid stupid mistake. It ruined my cns. I had 10 days of extreme withdrawl in March which I’m still stuck in. It made my cns not fight any toxins off anymore. We lost our home and all processions bc I was dx with mold toxicity and there was mold in my home. My week of withdrawl started me waking up weak, then falling over, dizzy, then sweating hands and feet racing heart then a night of electric shocks all through my body up into my brain. During this time I quit sleeping all together. No feeling of sleep. Went to the er two times second time they said o maybe you’re panic is coming back take Ativan. Was on that for a month .5 mg and they took me off ct. didn’t sleep for the whole 2 months I was off of it. Now on 1 mg at night barely works for me to sleep 2 hours on off light sleep. I am so very weak it ruined my gut even more than it was before I cannot absorb and digest anything or even have a bm bc I have lost all nerve sensation in my stomach and most of my body. It’s made my blood pressure low, my temperature not regulate. I never feel relaxed at all, not in fight or flight just nothing at all. I don’t sweat, my mouth is so dry my teeth are deteoriating. And mold or toxins I come in contact with engulfs me. My hairs falling out. It’s absolutely hell. And knowing I did this to myself. I knew I needed to heal my gut and thought the Zoloft was only hurting me. Now idk if there’s any hope to repair my damaged cns at all. I have memory loss loss of function to do tasks. I don’t tolerate any foods but 5 things bc all of the infections in me took over and are eating me alive. I can’t take any supplements to get rid of parasites and candida. I hear honking horns esp when toxins are high around me. I see flashing lights. Can’t listen to music or watch tv. I wish I wouldn’t have ever stopped taking it at all. My life was so much better on it. I had no idea this could happen this severe. Someone told me to try a castor oil pack on my spine to try to rebuild something. Thanks for reading 

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Welcome, Kellyt.


Are you away from mold now? Are you being treated for mold toxicity? What medical checkups have you had? It sounds like you have multiple physical problems.


What times of day do you take Ativan?

This is not medical advice. Discuss any decisions about your medical care with a knowledgeable medical practitioner.

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