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Jmizz: Lamictal taper suggestions


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@Altostrata I appreciate the advice, that’s a good idea. 

- sertraline 50mg early May-2017 thru November 2017 (cold turkey/no issues but apparently I’m learning maybe a wave a year-14 months out that led me back to sertraline and my adverse reaction)


-sertraline 50mg (April 1 2019- April 13 2019 adverse reaction pill 1)

-lexapro 10-20mg (April 27 2019 - August 19 2019) seemed to stabilize on 10 and then again at 20 but screwed it up with alcohol both times bc I was told drinking wouldn’t cause problems...horrible activation at 20mg and destabilized completely after fast taper early September 2019)

-trazodone 50mg early (April 2019 - current ) Melatonin 5mg (mid July 2019-current)

-Buspirone 7.5 3x a day (September 19 2019 - September 30 2019)

-cymbalta 20mg (early October (5 days)

-Lamictal (early October 2019 with doses as high as 50mg single dose, then split dose, now 3x daily with slight reductions since Jan 2020)

-Lamictal split dose 37mg total (11.5mg8am/5mg 2pm/20.5mg8pm May2020 -current)

ativan-0.5mg once a day rarely. Advised by doc to take daily 11-14-19. Never did that and stopped taking it early December 2019.


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Hi guys, I’m new but I have been reading a lot and this seems to be really good info. Especially the stuff I read from Altostrata.    My story:   i took escitalopram for 4.5 month,

@Altostrata   adapt and overcome haha. Withdrawal kind of forces your hand.  I’d be lost in the woods if I hadn’t stumbled across your website finally. You’ve taught me more than I ever care

Don't expect a hiccup. Waiting until Friday is a good idea.

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