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Jmizz: Lamictal taper suggestions

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You may occasionally be taking more than 20mg inadvertently, causing the itching and nausea. If I were you, I'd take 18mg to be on the safe side.


You can measure 18mg by changing your dilution method, @brassmonkey will help you figure this out.


You may want to find a smaller 5mL or 1mL oral syringe.

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Hi Jmizz-- I'll be glad to help figure out how to make up the 18mgai dose if you're interested in going that direction.  I'll need to know all the details of how you're doing it right now, the pill strength you're using, how much water, how much you actually take in volume, all that sort a thing.



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hey brass, thanks I’d appreciate it. The nausea is really really kicking my butt. Currently I take a medicine cup and fill it with 5ML of water, drop a 25mg pill in it and let it dissolve. Then I mix it as best I can and extract 1ML and drink the 4ML remaining for 20mg. I always get nausea, some days are better than others. I get a little itchy sometimes too but not everytime. Some days I get a sinusy head pressure and headache also. I think alto is right that some days I’m taking more and inconsistent doses inadvertently. 


I really want to begin to work my way down to a lower dose as safely as possible. Mentally I feel the best I’ve felt in months. But physically I’m getting destroyed.

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