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I’m considering finding a therapist. My husband isn’t cutting it anymore and that’s a lot of pressure for him to deal with while also trying to support the rest of our family. However, I’m nervous that a therapist won’t believe I’m in withdrawal. Especially since I’m 3 years out. Any suggestions on how to explain this?  Should I trust my gut. If they seem skeptical they probably are?  Have people have success with talk therapy during withdrawal?  

Thanks all—


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11 hours ago, Sheera said:

Have people have success with talk therapy during withdrawal?  


I started seeing a therapist a few months ago and it's been really helpful.  In my case, we haven't really discussed whether or not the withdrawal is "real" - it's more about giving me tools to deal with the anxiety and other symptoms.  We're using the Cognitive Behavior Therapy method, so I guess it might depend on what "type" of therapy you get. 

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A few years ago things started coming up for me during meditation that I couldn't handle on my own, so I sought a clinical psychologist. 


You can probably gauge whether they will be sympathetic on the initial phone call, or at least whether they would be a waste of your time.  Going somewhere associated with a university can help because they are usually much more up to date and research oriented than others.


If you don't like the first one you see, try another.  And so on.  Someone compared it to finding a hairdresser 🙂


The first one I found was enormously helpful with many things, including the mundane aspects of getting on in the world.  She was supportive and encouraging during my withdrawal.  (So is my G.P.)  After the first psychologist moved on, I worked with another at the same practice who is extremely switched on about trauma and understands the harm the drugs can do.  We promptly started some EMDR sessions which have been pivotal in my healing.


So I would say yes, and shop around till you're comfortable.  Good rapport is key.  I would actually recommend this to most 'normal' people too 🙂

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