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Hi everyone. I took my last dose of venlafaxine a year and half ago but I am still struggling with WD. I hope someone can offer some advice. I am experiencing extreme outbursts of rage. I have never been violent but now I get really angry and start to throw things and smack my hands really hard resulting in bruising. I am always ready for a fight and as a result my marriage is practically over. I hate what I have become. I have no tolerance. I have pressure that seems to move around in my head and is really disstressing. I become extremely stressed over small things and then feel like pressure is building up In my head. It's actually painful. I feel like I need a quick release and immediately think of suicide. I was not like this before I took venlafaxine. I feel like I'm possessed by a demon. My poor kids (2 of whom have a devastating progressive illness) watch me and my husband fight regularly now. Has anyone else experienced anything like this? I feel like venlafaxine has turned me psychotic. I'm loosing my mind. I would grately appreciate feed back.

I was on 225mg venlafaxine for about 6 years

beginning April 2017 reduced to 150mg

beginning June reduced to 75mg

beginning Aug reduced to 37.5mg

Mid Sept reduced to 18.75mg

22nd Nov reduced to 9.37mg

24th Jan 2018 reduced to 4.6mg

sometimes i take vallium

prior to venlafaxine have been on Prozac, escitolopram and citolopram

Took last dose of venlafaxine June 2018

Now Dec 2019 have tinnitus, brain feels like its swimming in my head, extreme anger, anxiety .....

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Hi Yyyy, 


11 hours ago, Yyyy said:

Hi everyone. I took my last dose of venlafaxine a year and half ago but I am still struggling with WD.

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon that people have symptoms in this frametime after a fast taper like you did. Good news is everybody seem to have improvments as time pass.


Unfortunately too, rage is quite common as a WD symptom. I didn't experience it, but many have.

I suggest you to read the story of @brassmonkey who also suffered from anger issues and is now living a great life !




You may want to take a look at this too




Hang on, things will get better eventually.



2006 : 20mg Paxil+Bromazepam. 2008 : cold turkey of both. 2010 : Reinstatement 20mg Paxil + Bromazepam.

2014-June2017 : Switch from Bromazepam to Prazepam, slow taper to 0mg.

2018 to August 2019 : Paxil 20mg taper (3% every 15 days). 22 Aug 2019 updose to 10mg (was at 8.4mg).

25th Sept 2019 To April 2020 : found SA, holding at 10mg Paxil. 

April 2020 : Paxil 10mg to Prozac 7mg bridge. Details topic/21457


Current Supplements : magnesium citrate + fish oil

Current medication :

* 7pm Diazepam  : 0.85mg (15 Aug 2022) / 0.95 mg (24 April 2022) / 1mg Diazepam (since 29 Aug 2020)

* 8am Prozac : 6.16mg (25 oct 2022, feel awful, slight updose) / 6.08 mg (9 oct 2022) / 6.24mg (11 July 22) / 6.44mg (22 May 22) / 6.64mg (4 Nov 21) / 6.72mg (8 oct 21) / 6.8 mg (15 Sept 21)6.88mg (14 Aug 21)/ 6.92mg (23 Jun 21)


I am not a professional, I don't give medical advice. Discuss any decisions about your medical care with a knowledgeable medical practitioner.

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