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Restablized on 5mg but still having bad days


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Restabilised  after going bk on and sticking on 5mg. Been feeling good for 7 days but after the last 2 days started to have insomnia and panic attacks late at nights.??


Trying to work out why..


is it normal to have set backs?


Had a single beer one night?


i am trying to cut 10mg pill to  5mgs pretty accurate but anyone got any other ways to to cut small pills? 

any tips about what’s going on thanks 


(you can read my whole story on my page)



20mg citlopram 2014-2019 (every other day) 2018-  Nov- 2019/ Nov 10% taper to 2.5mg and jumped off/2019 Nov 20th- WD symptoms- noticed tight chest, tremors, no appetite so reinstated to 5mgs stabilised for 2 weeks then noticed tight chest slight anxiety/1st Dec upped to 7mgs citlopram . 
Dec15th upped to 10mg had severe insomnia and anxiety. 
Dec18- dropped to 5mgs  delayed reaction bad Akathisia 2 days later( severe adrenaline, shakes couldn’t eat sleep for 3 days. diazepam 4mg when worst symptoms appear but very rarely use.

 5mgs currently not stabilised yet.




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