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Nicjk: Insomnia from Lexapro

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7 hours ago, Shep said:


Does the pounding heart symptom go away soon after you take clonazepam? 

I am unsure of this because I only take clonazepam at night to get to sleep. I took only half last night (0.25mg) and then woke up 2.5 - 3 hours later, wide awake at 1am. I then battled

to get back to sleep, took another Restavit sleeping tablet and woke up at 4am (30

mins ago) wide awake. I would rather stabilise on the antidepressant for a while and then wean off the clonazepam because the withdrawals from clonazepam seem to be worse. I will remain on 5mg Lexapro while I taper. Can you suggest how to taper this clonazepam? I can’t remember which nights I have taken it and which nights I haven’t but I am definitely dependent on it now. 

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