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Symptoms stop you from sleeping


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Just wondering if others have symptoms that really stops them from getting sleep. When I’m in a window/wd normal I seem to sleep ok but in waves I can get symptoms that just make it impossible to sleep. From just feeling so unwell that your lying there just suffering to restlessness to hot and cold chills and sweats and then mental symptoms like racing or intrusive thoughts.  Some nights it’s imposdible.


Normally on these bad nights I’m up and down pacing or distracting myself as lying there just doesn’t work. Then the fear of not sleeping plus the symptoms comes into play. I do use cbt but when your in a wave and your mind is all over the place it doesn’t always help.


Just wondering if others deal with this and how you cope with it and how you deal with any fear of not sleeping etc.



20mg Lexapro 2007

10mg Lexapro 2012

Started tapering approx (October 2017) 12 months ago  from 10mg to 9mg then 8 then 7 then 6 then 5 then 4 then 3.

Held for approx 4 to 6 weeks min on each reduction.

Hit severe symptoms (started 7th Nov) after dropping to 3mg. Dropped to 3mg approx 22nd October.

Back to 4mg (7th November) and stabilising. Current symptoms started 23rd November 

Used diazepam (2018) 10mg 10th Nov, 5mg 11th Nov, 2.5mg 12 Nov, 2mg 13th Nov.

Used diazepam 10mg 24th Nov, 7.5 25th Nov and 5mg 26th November.

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