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Lucid / vivid dreaming


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Has anyone out there read Robert Waggoner's book Lucid Dreaming: Gateway to the Inner Self? I read it a little while ago and found it fascinating. In the book he uses his own and others lucid dream experiences to study consciousness and the limits of dreaming, and some of what he has found is really startling. I mention it because it is apparently possible to heal yourself of any number of different kinds of conditions through lucid dreams. Not being proficient at lucid dreaming I can't really comment, but I thought maybe someone here might find it beneficial for symptom reduction while they withdraw...And I am so down with trying this even though I am terrible at lucid dreaming because I am so totally tired of the idea that healing must be very serious and involve a lot of suffering. Shouldn't seriousness be the last refuge for someone whom is supposedly depressed, shouldn't we be encouraged to do things which are fun (and not too stimulating), to take off to that island in the sun and lie on the beach(come on, work with me here...)


Here's a link that describes a little about lucid dream healing:




"Being consciously aware in the dream state may allow the lucid dreamer to influence unconscious body mechanisms, much like excellent subjects in deep hypnosis," Robert Waggoner reports. "In any case, the anecdotal reports show lucid dreamers have had apparent success with stopping internal bleeding, reducing fever and signs of infection, speeding recovery from fractures, reducing uterine cysts, and healing scar tissue."


Any lucid dreamers out there care to comment?

I am not a medical professional and nothing I say is a medical opinion or meant to be medical advice, please seek a competent and trusted medical professional to consult for all medical decisions.


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I have found lucid dreaming to be a way to make withdrawal-related sleeplessness bearable.


Often I wake up in the middle of the night, frequently around 3 a.m., and lie awake for hours. If I still feel drowsy, I try to go back into my dream, replaying the images I remember from it. If I can't remember it, I try imagining some soothing scene.


This sometimes seques into sleep.


I talked to a sleep doctor about it, he said replaying the images may remind the brain of the sleep waves in the dream, and lull it back to sleep.


(If I find I'm wide awake in the middle of the night, I'll watch TV, preferably something with a soft musical soundtrack, like a costume drama.)


When I was a kid, I loved to lucid dream about the books I was reading.

This is not medical advice. Discuss any decisions about your medical care with a knowledgeable medical practitioner.

"It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has surpassed our humanity." -- Albert Einstein

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If I wasn't in a neurological mess, I'd be exploring my dreams. Well, I do explore them, as crazy, vivid and emotional as they are. I always interpret my dreams. But I do not want to do any practice right now that might open my third eye even more. I feel like this condition has opened my third eye to the extreme and seeing such twisted things and thoughts, that if anything, I want to close my third eye. So I take Stramonium or Arsenicum Alum 30C before bed each night to tame my dreams and it really helps. The Stramonium stopped working after about 7 months, so I switched to Arsenicum and it helps now. But when I am done with all this, I will go back to spiritual tools and practices for a healthy third eye and more energy work.

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I was into Lucid dreaming when I was in my early 20's. The way I learned to develop it was simply to write your dreams down as soon as you wake up. Eventually you 'wake up' in your dream and can do what you like.


Sometimes when I'm overwhelmed by common situations in life (like having a very hectic day) it causes a 'wave' to be much worse and i get agitated and snappy. I take this into my dream world and it manifests as nightmares. Violent dreams or very scary dreams. Only 2 nights ago I dreamed that my 4yr old daughter was on the side of some river or something and I was on the opposite side. I was telling her not to do something because i was afraid she'd fall in. Typically, just as in real life she did the opposite of what i asked and she fell in. I couldn't get to her. My legs wouldn't paddled in the water and i could hear her screaming for me from under the water, drowning. I woke up feeling traumatized, which turned to anger. I grit my teeth and said 'when is this **** going to f***ing end'. Stewing and pacing the house.


Lucid dreaming sounds fun but I'm not sure if i want much to do with my dreams during WD. Waking up to be lucid inside a nightmare sounds scary. I'd be willing to try it if I felt it could help I guess.


I also wake up wide awake around 3pm to 4:30pm frequently. The way I have learned to get back to sleep is to make a hot cup of caffeine free tea and read a book in bed. Both of those make me sleepy and i drift off again.

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i started dreaming again. my dreams are crazy (just like pre-med). the self aware kind.

anyone with their dream back?

granted i sleep long enough now to dream...

i suppose it is a good sign. it is the layering of complex emotions that i feel i have regained.

not sure how to deal with that yet.


june 2014 to feb  2015- on xanax 0.25 to 1mg/day- then CT - jan 2016 - panic attack, went on 3.75mg remeron to sleep march 2016- CT remeron (because it caused me tinnitus)- deep depression, couldn't sleep because of  intrusive Tinnitus

april to june 2016- valium 4mg, xanax as needed, lunesta 3mg

june 2016 - valium 4mg, lexapro 10mg

oct 2016- valium 2mg, lexapro 10mg- hold

march 2017- started daily micro liquid taper of valium and lex- -taper speed 0.0033mg valium daily and 0.033mg lex daily

may 2018- valium 1mg, lexapro 2.4mg - i had to slow down the rate of my daily micro taper considerably

LAST dose of Lexapro: 0.05mg on 05/17/19

LAST dose of valium: 0.04mg on 08/18/19

April 26th 2020- intense panic attack that lasted 4 days, akatisia, 0 sleep- suicidal, almost hospitalized- took rescue doses over 2 days- total: 1.5mg xanax, 18mg valium, 2x5mg lexapro




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yes i have gotten my dreams back, specifically the lucid ones where i can control what's happenning during the dream, especially in the twilight sleep period where i'm in the stages of almost waking up. occasionally bad nightmares i can't control. right noww though mostly lucid. 


and then i just posted this...couldn't find the right forum!:


okay this is very weird...


when i got up and took my 8am meds and supplements, fed the dogs and talked to my Hubby getting ready for his workday, i went to grab a pistachio muffin (i'd beeing dreaming of it right before i woke up, as i used to do when i was younger dreaming of the sugary froot loops lol) and i knknew there was only 2 left because i ate one yesterday for breakfast and on tuesday i ate one soon as we got home from grocery shopping cause i was starvin! anyways they come in a plastic blister package with 4 muffins. so i was keeping mental tabs on how many were left!

bear with me i know this seems random and unimportant...


i got up and there were 3 muffins there,  so what happened to the delicious green pistachio muffin i distinctly remember eating esterday for breakfast? a waking dream? a fantasy filled with taste smell sound in my head?


ok so a couple of days ago when i was keeping the 3 day log here for the mods to see my symptoms before making any changes in my  drug dose/tapering schedule, on one day, i believe it was day 2,

i had woken up and( no clock then to look at in my room)🕗 , got up and took my 8am dose and gone back to sleep. then woke up thinking it was much later, due to my "alarm" of the dogs running into my room after my Hubbs leaves for work and jumping on me in my bed, and went in the other room and took what i thought was my 2nd dose of daytime meds. then i glanced at the clock -shocked it said 8:05am! 🕗

i panicked thinking oh no i took my 8am and later dose too close together but the medication box showed i was right on schedule, having just actually only swallowed my 8am dose at 8:05am and never having taken 2 doses as i thought. 


it was so profound to me that i had told my Hubbs that day and even had written it incorrectly the first time i wrote on my log the time i took my 8am and 2nd daytime doses, so that i had to go back and correct them. another waking dream?


how is it i had two different "waking dreams" where i got up and performed functions that involved walking into another room, feeding my dogs, eating drinking and swallowing meds, even typing my log out. and "went back to sleep" somehow it was all a dream?🌙


this is really messing with my head. 


is this also a "thing" in withdrawals? does anybody else have rather complex "waking dreams" where it makes you question reality because during the dream things seem exactly as real as the rest of the waking day? is this a "normal" part of the brain damage? 


i seriously feel like i am in an episode of the Twilight Zone.  i told my Hubbs that this morning after the muffin incident. 

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