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I’ve read a lot of posts about the frustrations people experience during withdrawal and recovery.  Viewing it from this side of recovery, I understand that frustration.  In my own experience, I often found myself envying others who seemed to be making faster progress than me, or whose symptoms seemed less pernicious than mine. There were also times when I wanted to go back on my SSRI just to get some relief.  I felt trapped in my own mind, desperately seeking the secret to recovery.  I started to think nobody else was going through what I was going through nor felt the way I felt.


Eventually, I realized my anxiety was controlling my recovery.  It was making me think I was all alone, even within the recovering community.   At the time, I was participating in the recovery site Paxilprogress.org.  The site’s motto was, “Freedom is in You.  You are Enough.  You are Your Solution.”  That motto is both empowering and challenging.  Its empowering because it means anyone can recover regardless of current condition.  Its challenging because it means, ultimately, our recovery is up to us.  If we keep seeking a new drug or other shortcut, we’ll never fully recover.


Just as all of us are unique individuals, our experience with medications has been different, our withdrawal is different and our recovery is different.  But we all share the common experience of dealing with mental issues, medication and its consequences, and attempted recovery.  A wise person recently remined me of Henry Ford’s quote: “Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.”  Withdrawal is the worst experience I’ve ever had.  It takes everything you’ve got and makes you face your worst fears.  But it can be done by anyone.  We’re blessed to have found the support and understanding on this site, a safe spot in the storm.  You can do it!

Tim C

Started Paxil for GAD in 1999

Unsuccessful taper attempt in 2006

Paxilprogress helped with a successful taper completed in 2009

Using therapy and CBT to manage my anxiety

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