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Can looking at pornography throw you into a wave?

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I know this is an odd question. I have been struggling on and off with anhedonia, insomnia, head pressure, blurry vision and sexual dysfunction for two months. I will have windows where I feel almost completely normal and then add something to my body to make it worse. I was starting to feel better earlier this week after a long wave and had huge windows of improvement.  Had some B12 because my doctor said I have a major deficiency and that it was important to get some B12. I had two small drops on two different days to test out. I had trouble sleeping but it was followed by great days emotionally and physically. I was finding music beautiful again and finding men attractive. I decided to try looking at porn, because my attraction was coming back.  Almost immediately after, I was thrown into another wave. My vision was blurred, I became foggy and anhedonic. All attraction for men was gone again. I became restless and slept 3 hours the following night. It's been three days and I haven't seen much change. Sleep hasn't improved either and I have major headaches.  Has looking at pornography ever thrown anyone into a wave?

-100 mg Zoloft and 10mg Buspirone (2x daily) 2010- 2019 (no problem during withdrawal)

- 75 mg Wellbutrin February 2019-Present (Had intense anxiety, so doctor added Pristiq)

Had to get off Pristiq after combining with 300 mg St. Johns Wort for four days and getting Serotonin Syndrome.

- 25 mg Pristiq End of November 2019- Beginning of January 13th 2019 (Took every 3 days for a week until off)

-Took NAC 600 mg for two days (January 18th and 19th) and stopped because I felt more anhedonic and foggy)

- January 18th 2020. Felt amazing and completely myself.

- January 30th 2020. Drank 1 oz or 1 oz 1/2 of whiskey. Completely destabilized. Most symptoms returned. Especially anhedonia. Windows and waves.

- March 2020 still struggling to stabilize.

Windows and waves

march 12 hospitalized for suicidal thoughts. They upped my Wellbutrin to 150 XR. Bad reaction. Went back to 75 mg. Gave me low dose hydroxizine 3 or four times, low dose trazadone once. Started me on 5 mg twice day buspar for a five day span. Made the fog worse. Now back to square one. Stopped all medications except for 75 mg Wellbutrin. 


For sleep: melatonin 3 mg

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I wouldn't be surprised. Speaking as a recovered porn addict, during my 2 years for CT induced withdrawal, looking at porn would mess me up. From what I understand pornography, especially internet based porn, is very stimulating to the brain and body. Lots of endorphins, neurotransmitters are released. Wouldn't be too far fetched to suggest that would negatively impact a CNS that is injured or compromised in some way.

May 2017: Started 20mg fluoxetine for suicidal depression due to relationship issues

August 2017: CT'd the fluoxetine because I was feeling better

August 2017 to June 2019: Brutal withdrawal and discontinuation syndrome

June 2019: Started 50mg trazodone to help with insomnia

August 2019: Reinstated 20mg fluoxetine, using a different generic brand

January 2020: Doing better experiencing a reduction in withdrawal symptoms but a worsening of some other side effects. Looking to start a slow taper of fluoxetine.

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Absolutely it does . Baylissa talks specifically about it ..Everytime I have sex or anything stimulating I get a giant wave lasting weeks . Even the super bowl this year sent me to the pit ..


December 2014 - Lexapro 20 mg

August 2016 Med free (6 week taper)

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