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Jessica7: daughter's withdrawal and supplements tried


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One of my girls,  has had huge problems with anti depressant use.Including suicide attempts due to the nature of the toxic psych drugs emptying her brain of tryptophan (see nimh study on this). I have looked up advice for withdrawals over the years, and she is now at a stage where she wants to get off these drugs as  starting a family in the future is not too good for the ensuing baby.


The advice was to taper off the psych drugs and replace them with several helpful substitutes which are natural, thus balancing them out...... However shes gone cold turkey (kids!) and has only so far had one panic attack, after not following the advice below, but is now on the list below. Since stopping after years of various anti depressants 6 or 7, maybe more, calmers, antipsychotics. They were using her as a guinea pig, so some kind people heard about my plight (I'm the mum!) and sent me stuff I needed to know, and over the years, what I learnt here and there got consolidated into the leave no stone unturned advice;


1. Tryptophan , aka htp5 (hydroxy tryptophan),....Griffonia is a seed from Africa, bought on line, good quality, other cheaper versions exist. This an essential amino acid, which means that, your body does not just produce it, you have to eat it!  It is natural. It is what your body needs. Its found in cocoa too, which is why some (me) used to eat so much dark chocolate (white sugar is bad, hence less in dark choc). I tried some griffonia myself to lose weight (it worked) and it does calm you down. The first time I took it, I didn't notice the calming effect as I was busy fretting over how to get my daughter out of a psych hospital where they experimented on her, which is normal for them.  You can take up to 400 mg per day. I take 100mg.  It speeds up your blood flow to your brain, it also increases the oxygen supply to your brain. Anyone with chronic arthritis (like I did have) will benefit. Being barely awake is not a problem with having tryptophan. 


SLEEP....its a paradox this amino acid , AAs are like high strength food. Trytophan is a pre cursor to making Serotonin. Everyone needs serotonin, apart from feeling pleasantly content, like we all should do if it were not for this crazy out of control world we live in,  it deals with sleep problems. In daylight the trypo produces wakefulness, energy, and focus, your brain gets restored to its former glory. I've been poisoned by the build up of vaccines etc, and didn't know how bad my brain was until I got it back. When it gets dark , it produces MELATONIN, the sleep hormone. It switches over! So, good for those who have chronic fatigue and good for those who cant sleep. My bro has sleep probs due to amitryptiline, and slept for 9hours straight on the one occasion he took trypo instead of amitryptiline neuroleptic, which was described by an attorney as a 'brain freezer'. My bro also got so focused, he wrote 2 letters in one morning, that he'd been trying to write for 4 months.

A big pharma study extolled the virtues of using tryptophan for romantic depression. YOU MUST EAT a little before taking or will feel queasy.


In the nihm study each type  of 4 psych drugs was studied separately, in the autopsies of suicide victims, the brains all showed low levels of typtophan (which makes serotonin) and the presence of psych drugs.



2. GABA My daughter is happy enough on trypot, but just to be sure, have also got other replacements for the cold turkey exit, for getting off of a string of anti depressants and similar psych drugs that had a reign of around 10 years. She went cold turkey 4 weeks ago, and the first we knew about it was when the panic attack happened. Well, its her decision, and I seem to keep getting guided towards cures. So have ordered some GABA, which we have in our bodies too, more Gaba means more sleepiness. Tea contains some. So, if another anxiety attack happens, she will hopefully try the GABA, this is calm brain chatter. 


3. Cannabis works well for anxiety. CBD is legal most places too, in 100 countries now.


4. St Johns Wort...works on 3 of the brains neurostransmitters. When buying, if you get an extract, you get the principal ingredients and more for your money. In an ideal world I would recommend the whole plant, but as suicide attempts have already happened (I don't live near her) then time is of the essence.


5. gut bacteria....most important as 90 per cent of the serotonin are in the gut to brain superhighway. If you want the amino acids that produce trypto etc to work, best sort that out first. The more types the better. Good gut bacteria stop illnesses taking hold. Eating fermented naturally foods produce these. Look them up> honey the real stuff, properly brewed beers etc, vinegar with no additives,  Vegetables are important too ( soup if you hate veg). As time is short, bought some 15 mixed strains of bacteria on line as cheaper than chemists shop. Also eating some probiotic yoghurts. It says that they have x strain of bacteria in. Eat some everyday. Eat picked foods (onions, beetroots in vinegar etc). Milk is no longer probiotic, but only because we killed the good bacteria when we started pasteurising it.


6. Vitamin B6 (nuts and onions etc) is brain food. Cheat if not possible, and take P5P vitamin B6 which is more absorbable than the normal versions.


7. Vit B12. Avoid the injections of this, my friend had a blood vessel burst soon after and had to be operated on. Is it good for the body to have a one-off high dose of vit B?! Ok high vit B12 foods are the ones we generally don't eat on  the shellfish list:

prawns and mussels you can eat once per week and get the min dose for the body.

The other things like squid, lobster, crab etc you can eat just once per second week. 


8. Not done yet, but a study of taking vit B1 at huge doses of 600mg was found to be safe to restore the myelin sheath around nerves, that get damaged by anti depressants. Also you can take kosher curcuma  3 tsp per day, in milk if you like. 


9. As these psych drugs are toxic, charcoal from your own fire or by buying it in capsules neutralises the toxins. Because I had arthritis, I made tea water with allsorts in, including a lump of charcoal. Clementine (orange skins have too much pith on) and lemon skins contain a B vitamin folic acid, so keep them. I add cloves (kosher), nettles (wide range of vitamins in including B vitamins) etc to the water too. Aloe Vera contains many B vitamins and others too.


10. Magnesium, my first study! Epsom salts ie magnesium sulphate...sulphuric foods like this, onions and eggs get rid of toxic metals and toxins from the body. They calm the nerves. People who drink too much, lose 3 times the amount of magnesium from their bodies than others when they urinate. Its essential for nerves, which are damaged by anti depressants.


11. As kudzu is a Chinese herb used for centuries, known as the drinking mans herb, it makes me wonder how we never got to know about it for stopping alcohol. And why not for other addictions too? It reduces the need to drink.


12. Astragale another Chinese herb is there to put your immune system back into its right state. So is echinacea which raises diminished white blood cells. By taking these instead of anti biotics you will retain your good gut bacteria and get well when ill. Reducing inflammation is what gets rid of pain. Pain gets into the brain, so getting rid of inflammatory foods like wheat (its GMO) will stop your guts from going bad. Start eating cane sugar too, as white sugar is GMO and multiplies cancer cells etc.


13. Fish oil, yuk, but essential. Make sure you buy capsules or else you will regret it, or start eating tinned sardines and don't throw the oil away...make a sauce with echalotes, cream and wine. Its interesting to note that the nerve sheath contains a fatty layer.


14. Inositol, not really a B vitamin, was used by a person addicted to drugs, who increased up to 18g per day, for 9 months as she found it stopped cravings. I have read this elsewhere too. I can confirm that it reduces ones appetite for losing weight! Again must eat a small amount first, don't take on an empty stomach.


So, for now, after 4 weeks of stopping dead; 

Number 3 has been the most used cure.

Since a panic attack 1 week ago, much of the above has been taken, not taking any chances! GABA to be used maybe if theres a future panic attack.

All these things repair the brain. Tryptohan AA is essential for the brain. 

GABA is probably going to be good for emergency panic attacks when physical symptoms are too bad. Just don't get hooked on it, (remember, anti depressants cause panic attacks!!)

Phenalalanine has been recommended, its an AA that helps produce dopamine etc and is a starter block AA for other amino acids.

Research Amino acids, they are 'fast track food' to cure not just your brain but eg muscle damage and tendon weakness ( I used creatine, cured in 10 days after 4 months of no progress without it)


The trypo, gaba, vit b6 advice I have also seen in a Trudy Scott book too, though I wouldn't recommend lithium as its a metal, and Peter Breggin doesn't either!

After brain trauma in accidents a doctor uses the good food remedy to cure the brain from inflammation, that would hinder its recovery, so the importance of adding good things to your diet is so important. Avoiding inflammatory foods is essential too, because the brain needs to heal. 


I hope this helps. All these things have been tested by people, so its their experiences. Doctors don't deal with natural substances. Drugs are their domain. Check them out with a naturopath doctor if you like or do your own research. 







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Welcome, Jessica.


The key is: How is your daughter feeling?


We don't really address treating "depression" with natural substances here. Why don't you and your daughter see how she feels before deciding on a substitute chemical regimen?


It might be she can learn coping techniques so she's not inclined to take chemicals for "depression" at all.


We have not found supplements to reliably enable any kind of taper off drugs, much less cold turkey. Some people feel fine after cold turkey, that's coincidental with whatever supplements they take.


We don't believe in detoxing from psychiatric drugs here, it's all about taking care and soothing your nervous system, not adding more chemical stress.


The other treatments for gut, etc. -- some people like them, some don't. Some can tolerate B vitamins, some can't. There's no definite recipe for recovery.

This is not medical advice. Discuss any decisions about your medical care with a knowledgeable medical practitioner.

"It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has surpassed our humanity." -- Albert Einstein

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