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I tried to put my drug list in my signature and it said I had written too many lines.

Lithium 1989-2007

Seroquel 300mg-900mg(1995-2013) to 800mg to100mg(April 2019): Trazodone 2 weeks 2007   Trileptal May 2019 Took intermittenly until July 2019

Buspar-March 2019 for 4 weeks                                                                                                                   Propranolol 30mg 3X daily withdraw over Oct-Feb to 30mg once a day

Zoloft 100mg-withdrawal(April 2019-October 2019)                                                                                 Trintellex-took for 3 days and got PSSD symptoms-Jan5-8 2020

Withdrew from Seroquel May 2019






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