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Has anyone on here had a semi decent/normal marriage where one partner is on antidepressants? I’ve read all the horror stories and my wife is definitely drifting away from our relationship.


Just curious if it’s possible to find success somehow?

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Yes.  I've been married almost 33 years and was on an AD from 1999 to 2008.  I also went through withdrawal from 2006 to 2009.  Being on the AD did effect my emotions (or lack thereof) but they came back during recovery.  My wife was very supportive during all of this, but to be honest, unless a spouse has experienced it for him- or herself, they can empathize but not fully appreciate the experience.  Its tough but it can be done.  I think compared to other potential issues in a marriage (e.g. infidelity, one partner being financially irresponsible, etc.), dealing with AD's and withdrawal is more straightforward.  There can be an end to it if the spouse wants to stop taking the meds or learn behavioral management techniques.  IMHO, the first step is to be up front with each other and have an honest discussion of each others' feelings of drifting away or other negative emotions.  One of the smartest things we did is include my wife in a couple of sessions with my therapist.  Discussing my condition from a professional third person really helped my wife understand what was happening had nothing to do with her or how we felt about each other.  


Hope this helps!

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