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This above course is apparently free whilst we navigate the current world situation. It's the website of Matt Janes, a neuroscientist, who has some interesting thoughts on what food/ exercise particular nervous system types (eg sympathetic dominant or parasympathetic dominant) would be better off with. There's a taste of his ideas in the podcast below. It's not radically new, but it does rather blow the theory of 'mental illness' out of the water, for me. Makes sense to me that we are either balanced and not prone to mental illness OR one of the other types and prone to either anxiety or depression. And that it's a matter of autonomic dysregulation....which WE have some control over.

I'm defintely much more prone to anxiety, which then causes burnout, which then causes depression. I remember doing a month long thing many years ago from a book called 'detox yourself.' Yes, I KNOW we're not really toxic and that we have organs to do that job.....but the food regime was very, very calming for me. It was mostly fruits and veggies, some dairy allowed but not cow dairy, and no red meat...but fish was allowed, which I ate pretty much every day. Also involved calming exercise and meditation. I'm definitely a sympathetic dominant type, I need calming rather than stimulation. I really need to lean towards calming exercise, also....instead of running.

However, if you were parasympathetic dominant, if you go with his model, you'd be better off doing more stimulating exercise and also eating more red meat.


Anyway, be interested to hear your thoughts. Have you tried something like this yourselves? What were the results? Here's the podcast below on which I heard him.


January 2008 to April 2015 Citalopram 20mg to 5mg, reducing in 50 per cent leaps. Jumped off at 5mg

March 2016 used MDMA triggered setback

April 2016 Citalopram 10mg October 2016 cut to 5mg, May 2017 cut to 2.5mg

May 2018 used MDMA triggered setback

June 2018 Citalopram 2.5mg up to 10mg, then back to 5mg

July/ August 2018 7.5mg, then 10mg

June 2019 updosed to 20mg Citalopram

August 2019 cold switch to Venlafaxine 75mg XR

Supplements; 1100mg fish oil daily; also 100mg Magnesium Glycinate. Tried Vagifem 10mcg from mid May 2021 to mid June 2021; caused depression, so stopped.




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