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I hope this is ok to post. If not, please forgive me. 


I  am a Christian and I was wondering if any Christian wanted to start a weekly zoom prayer group? Lmk. Thanks 

LZie, Zoloft 25 mg, 3/31/20-4/6/20

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On 4/26/2020 at 4:20 PM, Lzieb said:

I hope this is ok to post. If not, please forgive me. 


I  am a Christian and I was wondering if any Christian wanted to start a weekly zoom prayer group? Lmk. Thanks 

I'm not sure. I'm also a Christian, but very angry at God. This horrible wd comes on the heels of immense suffering in other areas of my life, & I'm tempted to hate God. Please don't quote scripture about how suffering is good- these verses make my head explode when people quote them to me.

2004-2012 Lexipro 15 mg (CT'd 4 times during this period. Not sure exact dates).

Dec 2014-June 2017 Lexipro 15 mg CT WD agitation, Anhedonia from kindling while taking Feb 2018-Oct 2019 Lexipro 15mg, more severe Anhedonia while taking, CT WD depression May 2020- Sept 2020 Wellbutrin 300mg, OCD, anxiety, while taking, CT, WD anxiety, depression Dec 2020 Wellbutrin 150mg 3 days stop CT WD anxiety, depression, suicidal durations (seemed to stop once drug out system)

Dec 2020 Buspirone 10mg 2.5 weeks, extreme severe Anhedonia while taking, Anhedonia stopped once stopped buspirone, WD cycling anxiety, depression, suicidal ideations Jan 2021 Reinstated Buspirone 5mg 1 month, tapered from 5mg to 1.25mg, experienced severe Anhedonia while taking, WD anxiety, depression, hyperarousal, photophobia, headaches, hyperacusis, early waking.







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Please don't hate G-d.  Remember the story of Job?  Job suffered but didn't sin or hate G-d.  Job's life got better.  

1997-1999 Xanax 

1999-2000 Slow taper off of Xanax nonsupportive by my 'doctor' at the time. 

2000- 2018 Burpropion, first at 75-mg, then 100-mg finally 300-mg. 

2012-2018- Experienced 'poop out symptoms: digestive issues, tumors, inability to tolerate stress, weight gain etc. 

2018 - decided to start a very slow taper.

2022- As of March 17, at 22-mg Bupropion daily.  


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I'm keen?

Escitalopram:10mg 2010 - 2014 switched to - Fluvoxamine:300mg 2014-2021 many attempts at tapering, finally off Olanzapine:5mg June 2020

2.5mg, 2mg, 1.5mg, 1mg, .75mg, .5mg, .25mg, 0mg June 2021 Clomipramine 75mg 2020 Dec 50mg 2021 mar37.5mg 2022 june 25mg 2022 Aug 18mg 2022 oct15mg 2022 nov 12.5mg 2023 Jan

9mg 2023 Feb 7.5mg 2023 mar




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2010 Started Zoloft 100mg/ 2012 Increased to 200mg

2015 Attempted to withdraw, took 3 months to eliminate/ 2015 Failed withdrawal, emotional,crying, started again at 100mg
2017 Began withdrawal, took 4 months. /2017 Quit job, moved 2,700 miles across country, family issues

2018 Severe depression, started Zoloft again 100mg. /2018 to 2022 dose 200mg. /Spring 2022 started slow withdrawal. 200 to 150 to 100 to 50mg.

July 2022 steady at 50mg. No issues.Mid Sept 2022 Marital issues, stress, not depressed but hopeless feeling.
Current: At 50mg but can't determine if feelings are natural depression or withdrawal reactions.

January 7, 2023 - Last day took Zoloft



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Anyone up for doing this prayer group?

2023 Moved to .5mg in 8/2023

2023 Moved to 1.5mg in 7/2023
2023 Moved to 2.5mg in 7/2023

2023 Reinstated Fluoextine 5.0mg in 7/2023 to stabilize 

2023 Stopped Fluoextine after .1mg in 1/2023; Significant w/d symptoms started 6-8mths of last dose

2021-2023 Tapered off Fluoextine starting at 5.0mg (cuts averaged around 40%)

2018 Switched to Fluoextine 5.0mg

2016 Started Effexor 18mg (Dr. advice to offset Ativan w/d). Effexor eventually "pooped out"

2016-2017 Ativan stopped cold turkey after using for 3mths; Severe w/d symptoms for 9mth

2015 Started .625 Amitripyline for GI condition (still on this)

2012-13 Quit Effexor 37.5mg (cuts averaged 20%...tried a two week taper at first that was hell); No w/d symptoms & quit in 2013 with zero problems

2002 Started Effexor 37.5mg for ADD (Dr. switched from Ritalin for ADHD)

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