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Getting to know herbs (spotlight CBD)


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I’m sharing an article I found interesting about CBD.  I’m sharing this simply to illustrate how one perhaps gets to know any herb or plant-based medicine.  These are relationships. You get to know the plant and how you interact with it. There are times when it’s appropriate and there are times when it is not and this is true for just about everything.

Those of us with these injuries know something about the trickster in just about any food or substance. We have a lot of sensitivities.  I find that most herbs have a sort of polarity in which they may be just what you need today but not tomorrow. And they really do act differently in the body depending on what is going on. All herbs do this in one way or another. Some are much more noticeable than others.

From: CBD Science: How Cannabinoids Work at the Cellular Level to Keep You Healthy

“Cannabinoids are well known among scientists for their trickster-like ability to exert opposite effects in different situations. In mitochondria, cannabinoid activity is even more complicated. At low-stress conditions, cannabinoids often increase mitochondrial activity and cellular respiration, triggering autophagic cellular repair. Cannabinoids will also buffer high stress conditions and protect cells by decreasing mitochondrial activity. But that’s not all. The dependence on stress is actually trimodular: In very high-stress conditions — such as those often present in cancer cells — endocannabinoids can create a positive feedback loop, increasing stress to the point where the cell undergoes apoptosis.” —

My comments:

I didn’t get on well with CBD for a long time…as with most isolates and extracts. At this point I will only use full spectrum extracts (the whole plant is used).  I quite like CBD on occasion now and find that a small amount of THC (whatever is legal in your state) really helps the CBD work…tiny, trace amounts do not cause one to get “high.” Some people, however, are sensitive to anything coming from a plant with any amount of THC so one must always be careful when first trying anything.

Mostly I’ve come back to CBD with great respect.  Like many herbs,  it has deep intelligence. It will not just get rid of pain if that is not what you need…it’s just as likely to put you squarely into the pain in order to process it and heal. This is actually true of many herbs and something people often have a hard time with this. Real medicine takes time and it often requires us to face our pain. CBD  is very grounding at this point for. Again, remember, it’s different for everyone and it’s different everyday. Our bodies change in every moment.

Western medicine has brainwashed us to think we should take “medicine” everyday, always. That’s pHARMa propaganda.

If an herb is feeling right, use it. If not, don’t. Listen to your body. Learn to respond to it’s cues in the moment. That is the healing process for me in a nutshell, really.

When we’re healing homeostasis doesn’t exist…we can’t do the same thing every day and expect to continue getting better…healing is a vibrant state of CHANGE.

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first posted here

Everything Matters: Beyond Meds 


withdrawn from a cocktail of 6 psychiatric drugs that included every class of psych drug.

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I am in quite a remarkable journey as my Trigeminal nerve was damaged on both side by a dentist and I was put on many medications.. I’ve been looking thru your posts and an thinking about trying cbd again.. I’m still in the process of a taper from 40 mg trileptal and 7.5 mg Amitriptyline.. I deal with much pain outside of the nerve damage.. the fear... the regret.. your posts and insights are invaluable to one s with the courage to give up and give in.. ive spent my whole life running from pain.. thank you for continuing to stay active on this site.. I will listen to my body and go slowly and as wisely as I can..🙏🙏

Chronic cannabis use thru out..

2013 to 2016 lexipro 10mg .3 day taper.. sept 2016.january 2017 reinstated lexipro 10 to 20 mg..900 mg gabapentine.feb 2018 .5 ativan

 taper 10 mg lexipro  March 2019 

o mg lexipro aug 2019.. quit cannabis horrible insomnia. trail 2 days of Amitriptyline 10 mg and 2 day Prozac 20 mg  trilpetal 50 mg x2 daily.. 11/16 cut 45 mg x2.. burning left side of face constant from nerve damage from teeth extraction or SSRI withdrawal??

december 3 2019. 5mg Amitriptyline January 3 current meds And supplements 

amitriptyline 7.5 mg trileptal 40mg 1.5 mg melatonin  400 mg magnesium remag liguid. Currently at 6.8 mg amitriptyline and 36 mg trileptal

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On 4/28/2020 at 3:10 PM, Arthur said:

I will listen to my body and go slowly and as wisely as I can..🙏🙏



great. it's all any of us can ever do, when you get right down to it. Knowing how to be in the world as a human being actually depends on it.  (listening to the body)  best to you. xo

Everything Matters: Beyond Meds 


withdrawn from a cocktail of 6 psychiatric drugs that included every class of psych drug.

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I just purchased a bottle of full spectrum CBD oil from Plant People. I am nervous to try it but have spoken with so many people who experience an increased sense of wellbeing while using CBD. I am tempted to try it because beyond my self-care rituals of exercise, yoga and meditation, nutrition, etc, I am feeling a pervasive sense of anxiety and restlessness. I'm sure this is attributable to what's happening in the world today, and generally feeling a loss of control and uncertainty about the future. I wonder if it is an appropriate time to experiment with something like this. 

2005-2009 Various ADs and maybe some random Ativan, nothing long-term

2009 Started Celexa 10 mg

2012 Symptoms of depression worsened when I quit drinking, started a course of Viibryd (10 mg), Buspar (5 mg), Xanax

2013 Hospitalized, added Lamictal in the hospital (quit Lamictal cold turkey in 2014)

2014 Switched back to Celexa from Viibryd

2015 Quit Buspar cold turkey

2016 Cut down to 5 mg of Celexa (all seemingly without issues)

June-August 2017 tapered off Celexa

October 2017 Hospitalized for insomnia (quit sleeping entirely)

reinstated w/ Trintellix 5mg (stopped in 1/18) and 7.5 mg of Mirtazapine

Mirtazapine (in mgs) 2/18 5,  6/19 3.5, 9/25/19 3.2, 2/24/20 2.9, 3/2020 2.85, 6/20/20 2.5, 10/3/20 2.3, 11/30/20 2.1, 1/1/21 1.95 3/19/21 1.86 9/1/21 1.65 11/30 1.5 mgs 3/1/22 1.41 mgs 6/28/22 1.37 mgs 10/22 1.20 mgs

Daily supplements: 470 mgs magnesium, Miralax, 640 Omega complex, probiotic, testosterone 2 gms, progesterone 12.5 mgs

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I have a question regarding CBD. I tried it after i quit Venlafaxine and it definitely did something but the withdrawal was just to bad to really feel the good effects i guess.  Then after i reinstated Venlafaxine and was forced to quit again i tried CBD again and all of a sudden i got more anxiety and physical issues. My question is: after my nerves system is healed for a big part, can i take CBD again? Because i do feel like it helped me in the beginning. I always had the idea that if my nerve system was in balance i would probably feel a much bigger effect of CBD on anxiety etc. 

2012: Started Lexapro

2017: October, Quit Lexapro cold Turkey.

2018 February started Venlafaxine 37,5mg because of discontinuation problems (Which psychiatrist didnt realised). After 2 weeks upped dose to 75mg. Could not move my neck anymore and burning pain. March: Decreased dose to 37,5mg felt better after that.

2018: November, started tapering Venlafaxine because of annoying side effects.

2019: February, quit Venlafaxine.




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