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How to inform people?

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I have friends and family texting me constantly with self help books or documentaries that “changed” their lives because for them they see this issue as being “psychological” instead of “physical”....like ive been in my room for 3 years in utter pain and agony because i havent “mastered my mind”....its beyond insane to me that no matter how many videos i show them or websites i show them they dont wake up to the reality of the psych industry and protracted withdrawal. This is 100 percent physical, not in my control, if they loved me wouldnt they listen? Instead im bombarded with their “life lessons” or how to overcome “anxiety” etc....i feel utterly alone in this and no matter how much i inform people, they cling to their ideologies....its not just frustrating, it makes me want to disassociate from people , even family, who are more concerned with advising and not concerned with listening...protracted isnt even talked about on tv, its a silent holocaust, and we need loved ones more than ever , but they fail in this respect , anyone else out there that feels this overwhelming frustration? It has become more like rage now 

Was put on SSRIS at age 18, came off at 20 due to side effects, have been in withdrawal ever since, am 27 now. 7 years of protracted withdrawal. have not been able to work. I didnt taper, i basically came off cold turkey in less than a month....no one informed me of anything, including protracted withdrawal . my symptoms include absolutely everything you can imagine, you name it, i have it 



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Best to find someone to talk to, and find a healthy channel for your anger.  Close friends are good for this now and again but it's not fair to dump it all on them, a psychologist you like is good here.  Especially when working out entrenched unhealthy family patterns.  Those can be utterly maddening.


You can get into kind of a feedback loop with family members who don't quite get it, the more frustrated you get at them for not getting it the more fraught the relationship becomes.  My life got a lot easier when I stopped banging my head against the wall of expecting family to understand things they've proven they won't over and over again.


Have a read up on personal boundaries, very liberating.



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