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Daughter quite depressed

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This morning my daughter who is 23 very tearfully told me that sometimes she thinks about wanting to end her life. She has wanted to move to Virginia for awhile now and her best friend who lives there is coming down on June 8th for a visit.


Her friend knows about this and wants her to go back with her in June. I think it is a good idea. A change of view, being around a best friend may be helpful at this time.


My daughter takes Imipramine 100 mgs. My daughter has been subjected to tremendous verbal, mental and emotional abuse by her father. I was while I was married. End result - anxiety and depression and lots of other issues. Low self esteem, anger.


It scared the hell out of me. We talked for quite sometime. She did say that she was concerned over leaving due to my anxiety issues. I guess we both worry about each other.


She is one of the smartest, intelligent, greatest people I have ever known. She has a disease, Interstitial Cystitis. The bladder turns on itself. The last 2 years it was quite bad. Many trips to the ER, and pain medication. She is in remission now...Thank God.


When is the storm going to pass already????


I just don't understand what I could be doing or should not be doing to remove the cloud over us.



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