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Should I go up in dosage/stay on forever?


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I've been trying so long to wean off, but just can't seem to. I've been on 5 mg of citalopram since the fall of 2017.  For the last couple years, I feel like I've been having withdrawal symptoms or maybe it's just severe anxiety.  I feel irritable, very little patience, fatigue, etc.   I have been under a lot of stress so that could be contributing to that. I'm considering going back up to 10 mg.  However, it took me so long to get to 5 mg and I worry that it's just setting me up for a much longer taper.   I have been trying other things for this anxious feeling, such as CBD oil, but it's still here. Do any of you decide to go up and/or that you just can't wean off?  Any advice would be appreciated!

Been on a variety of antidepressants since 1995

Klonopin from 1995-1998

Started Citalopram 40 mg in June of 2007

-Been working on weaning off of citalopram since Aug. 2013.

-In May of 2017, I would take 15 mg one night and then 10 mg the other night (figuring I was averaging 17.5.

-As of July 2017, I was down to 10 mg. Then alternated 10 mg one night and 5 mg the next night.

-Sept. 1, 2017, was down to 5 mg.

-Sept. 15, 2017 - stopped completely

-Sept. 21, 2017 - made my own solution and started taking 3 mg.

-Oct 1, 2017 - went back up to 5 mg of citalopram

Started Gabapentin 1200 mg in Aug. of 2010. Have weaned down to 600 mg Gabapentin since 2015.

Also taking low dose naltrexone (3 mg) (started sept. 2016) and hormone replacement therapy (patch) - (started Aug. 2017)

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