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Hi guys,


I have been on Seroquel & Luvox since 1999.  The Seroquel stopped working for sleep in 2010.  I have been somewhat struggling since.  I want off the Seroquel; as I feel it doesn't do very much anymore--other than make me gain weight.  I don't sleep well on it anymore.  Today I feel rough, & like my executive functioning of my brain is off.  I have been a loner basically, but I am intelligent & good-natured.  I have been to therapy, & anyways I can go on.  Just want to touch base with other people in similar circumstances.  I made a signature, hopefully it passes muster.


Kind Regards,




1999 started Seroquel 200 mg & Luvox 100 mg.  9/2021 stopped Luvox & went down to Seroquel 100 mg.  12/19 Seroquel 50 mg, Ambien 5 mg, Unisom 25 mg, Melatonin 15 mg.  


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