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Digestive Enzymes

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Hello Everyone,


I'm here to talk about poop and digestion. Has anyone here used a full spectrum digestive enzyme to aid with constipation or IBS in general? I am considering trying it. Personally, I have been using Miralax daily to induce bowel movements because I am not having them on my own. I began having issues after W/D. I suspect now that my nutrient absorption is compromised for the stress of the event and continued daily stress contribute to this issue. Lately it seems that everything I eat causes gas, bloating and constipation, and I eat what I perceive to be a flawless diet. It has recently occurred to me (why it took this long I don't know) that poor digestion and nutrient absorption could be the culprit. I'm sure this is a common tale for those of us on psych meds for an extended period of time and have then endured a stressful w/d. 


Anyhow, the digestive enzyme I am thinking about is made by Thorne, which is a reputable company. I learned of them through Ben Greenfield, who is a nutrition researcher and human optimization expert. Any time I consider taking a new supplement I tend to reach out here first to see if anyone has used such a thing and what their experience was. Here is the link. 


Also, I am curious to know if paradoxical reactions to L-Theanine are common. I was considering adding that for anxiety support. I have been wary of supplements in general but feel as though now it might be safe to start using them. 


Thank you to all, and be well



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