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Well I guess I’m asking if anyone has advice or experiences on dating as someone going through this. Honestly I’m at a point I want to get out there. I’m actually pretty young, 18. I’ve never had a partner. I tried dating before but the whole idea of me having inner problems and taking medication has scared people off I guess. I’ve learnt that friends and family can’t really be therapists for this. Setting boundaries is impossible. I’ve started talking to someone whom I really like. He sees the world and myself in a simpler way. I like it, the whole existential questions can easily turn into a black hole, especially for people who can’t handle it I guess... I haven’t mentioned my mental status, honestly I have too many acronyms to describe my brain I got to a point they didn’t even matter but I know I have things that make my life harder especially on myself. I haven’t told him I take medications. Maybe it’s important to because my mood is drastically affected by the meds I’m taking especially since im withdrawing. I really don’t know how to approach this. He’s my age but I don’t know how he’ll react. Maybe I’ll loose him. I’m not my mental illnesses but it’s a side of my I can’t deny and hide and hope no one notices...

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