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fj929: my hell

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23 hours ago, Altostrata said:

Are you sensitive to light or heat?




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i tried to pm you by it said you couldn’t receive any messages.  I was wondering how you’re doing now?  Have you seen any improvement at all?


i’m also wondering if you can describe your serotonin sickness.  I have an indescribable sickness that I experience as well.  It comes in sort of a windows and waves fashion, but is extremely debilitating.


i hope this message finds you well.

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Hi Fj,


I read this and it gave me hope in a weird way.  See i am 6 years out and I too came across a very bad wave out of the blue.  I feel like i was doing pretty well for a year or two , just having the normal small waves and then returning to baseline... nothing to crazy.  The on I'm currently on though has lasted me almost 2 weeks and it's all extreme anxiety and fear.  Since it's been so long i started to wonder if this is the new me or that my current anxiety and fear are now my issues that i need to overcome because they won't go away with time.  It's scary because i'm not able to make much progress at all in combatting the anxiety and fear so if my healing doens't come... well i don't know what i'll do.  This definitely reminds me of year one and it's hopeful to read your incident as it encourages me that this is just a big WD wave and it too will pass.  


Did it ever pass for your or did you do something on your own to help get through it? 


Well wishes your way.  Hope your doing good.

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In response to your PM question.


There are many existing topics on SA.  I like to use google and add survivingantidepressants.org to my search term.




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