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how to trust any dr after i learned that psych drs can cause so much harm

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i visited psychiatrist for myself 3 years ago for the last time. not visiting them saved my life. at that time i was in wd from zoloft (3rd attempt) and on mirtazepin. if i kept trusting them i have no idea how much harm they could have caused. i visited another psychiatrist when my aunt was tappering a year ago. they wrote down to taper from 50 mg to 0 in the next 2 weeks. we are  still tappering, 2 and a half years later we are at 3 mg from 100 mg that they put her in 3rd week of starting taking her first AD at the age of 70. horrible dangerous doctors, that is what they are.


i have been visiting drs lately for my dry eyes. they prescribed many different drugs. ciprofloxacin is one of that. some citostatics as well. i red how many people were hurt by fluorocynolones. drs do not trust them. i was hurt by ADs. drs do not trust me either and those drugs are still prescribed to so many people. mybe this floxing is also real? my eyes need medical treatment but my mind ic not allowing me take it.

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