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christianjw12: took Lexapro /escitalopram for 3 months, stopped it, experiencing withdrawal

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@christianjw12! Happy to read about your improvements!💪🏽 Continue to give us some updates 😊

July 2015: start citalopram 20 mg for big stress

After two year I start tapering (slow but without medical advice) and I suppose in a wrong way. First down to 10 mg, then 5 mg and 2 mg (liquid solution) and jump

At the end of January 2020: off citalopram (last dosage 2mg).

June 2020: adrenal crush. The beginning of the Hell on Earth


Current supplement: pill of saffron (30 mg) + 1 mg melatonin + vit. E,  EPA+DHA, magnesium bisglicinate, theanina.

Try to meditate/mindfulness, walk/run daily, CBT, acupuncture weekly (anxiety protocol) and massage.

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