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Help with Suicidal Friend

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My friend has been 6.5 years in a relationship with cluster B narcissistic personality disorder man. They got divorced not long ago but the effects of abuse are there.

What is common between narcissistic relationship abuse victims, is that they or most of them end up being suicidal and can't see beyond that despite it's a state of mind that will change if they decide to go the path of recovery. But it is up to them to be willing to do the inner work and it's a process that takes time.


First problem with my friend is that she just does not want to be here. She saw the worst of humanity, she saw how most of people in this world are bad, that life only gets worse. And even things like you need to work on a job that you hate to make ends meet. She just does not think living is worth it. There is no reason to exist when you can not exist. Existence is pain and dying solves all the problems as she says.


Second problem is that her entire life there were moments when she thought about suicide and thought she will die of suicide. This is something that she uses to justify suicide too.


Third problem is that she has serious sleep problems and this affects her thinking in my opinion.


I don't know how to talk with her. This is a difficult situation and she leans toward every little thing she finds negative. Can anyone help? Preferably those who have been through narcissistic relationship and recovered in the end?



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07/01/17 - 07/31/17 (today) ► Down to 1.9mg with water, using syringe for accuracy

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Medication is normally taken at ~7PM.

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Hello, this is a site for going off psychiatric drugs, not a general mental health site. We don't address psychiatric diagnoses and don't usually discuss problems of third parties.


You might want to post on depressionforums.org or a site about relationships with narcissists.

This is not medical advice. Discuss any decisions about your medical care with a knowledgeable medical practitioner.

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