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Gluten, dairy and all the rest: Adding food back after elimination


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I was on elimination diets for a long time and needed to be in order to quiet down the chaos in my body. I now know more than when I started and hope that the general method of learning to listen is helpful to others since I know the details will be different for everyone.  Recently I went through a stint of eating lots of gluten and cheese as I add many different foods I avoided for many years back into my diet. I jokingly call it “retoxification.” It’s a joke because I am very careful about quality and/or getting whole real foods. I have, however, also rarely but sometimes found it helpful to eat something that is (mostly rightly) straight up junk (highly processed) food. When I do that it seems that the pharmaceuticals (chemicals) in the food are actually helping something detox out of me (perhaps in a somewhat homeopathic fashion)…it generally feels really bad coming out but then I feel better and I no longer need that pharmaceutical laced food again. I trust my body now and eat whatever it wants once I sink into my body and feel what is needed. I learn to be more and more precise about what it needs and I continue to heal. My body was gravely harmed from decades of excessive pharmaceutical use. It’s taking time. A long time.  (more https://beyondmeds.com/2020/06/22/gluten-dairy-and-all-the-rest-adding-food-back-after-elimination/

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withdrawn from a cocktail of 6 psychiatric drugs that included every class of psych drug.

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