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Guidance for Psychological Therapists: Enabling conversations with clients taking or withdrawing from prescribed psychiatric drugs

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My psychologist sent me this PDF from various UK mental health peak bodies, as found above.  Professor Joanna Moncrieff is among the contributors.  It's good to see progress in the clinical space busting harmful myths and clearing the way for better mainstream health services practices.


This doco may be helpful to show counsellors, doctors and prescribers to gauge whether they will be helpful to you, or to update their information on the topic if you already have a regular.


It's not a primary source but as it's clinical in context I thought better to post it here than the 'in the media' section.


A few highlights:  the "medical model" is challenged, quick tapers are looked at critically, and some people who were put on these drugs are heard from.

*** I am not a health professional - your actions are your own ***


My taper visualised as a graph   |   My intro thread


10mg olanzapine 2003-06, then 3mg risperidone 2006-2014 to try mitigating weight gain and reduce drowsiness.  Lost a couple of kg but at expense of sleep quality.  3 week test run with aripiprazole Dec 2014, nope.

Round 1:  2015 10->5mg olanzapine (easy enough via 7.5 then 6 2/3).   Hadn't researched, just decided to try it myself.

Round 2:  Feb 2018 straight to 3 1/3mg for 2 weeks - too rapid, reverted to 5mg, read up then commenced finer taper.  5mg-> 2.5mg over five months.  Cuts and holds all done by feel.  Samples at start of month in mg:

2018:  Feb 5.0 | Mar 4.5 | Apr 4.25 | May 3.7 | Jun 3.3 | Jul 3.1 | Aug 2.9 | Sep 2.5 and six month hold

Round 3:  2.5mg and below, looking for zero over a year or two.  EMDR resolved root trauma.  Samples at start of month in mg:

2019:  Jan 2.5 | Feb 2.3 | Mar 2.215 (EMDR) Apr 1.976 | May 1.875 | Jun 1.825 | Jul 1.625 | Aug 1.525 | Sep 1.46 | Oct 1.3 | Nov 1.225 | Dec 1.25

2020:  Jan 1.214 | Feb 1.1 | Mar 1.0 🙂 | Apr 0.88 | May 0.82 | June 0.74 | July 0.69 | Aug 0.61 | Sep 0.59

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