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Lucy1983: itching please help

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Hi Lucy. I have itching and know it is from the psych med withdrawal and taper I am doing now. I find that apple cider vinegar (the one with the mother) mixed with water on a washcloth has helped me. It calms down the itchiness and some of the rash from it. I had this with trazodone withdrawal and now mirtazapine. I just used some today and it worked well. Try it. Be well Marie.

10/13--10/14 Ambien. Started tapering 1/14  Jumped 10/14.  Done.                                                                              

3/14        7.5 Remeron  still taking this.                              

2/14         75 Trazodone   -    Tapered by dry cutting all the way down.

1/16        4 mg Trazodone  -  Jumped. Bad mistake. Got hit with late withdrawal 6 weeks later. Had to reinstate.

4/16        Reinstated 1 mg, updose to 2 mg Trazodone

2/19        .04 Trazodone. Walked off.  Done.

10/3/19  Started 7.5 Mirtazapine taper cut to .073 gram weight, pill weighs .076

4/5/20    New Mirtazapine Taper - Compound Liquid 7.35 mg April '20, 7.25 mg May, 7.05 mg June, 6.99 mg June, 6.78 mg July, 6.57 mg Aug, Sept 6.35 mg, Sept 6.24 mg, Sept 6.21 mg, Oct 5.99 mg


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26 minutes ago, Lucy1983 said:

I think I get scared thinking it won't go away then I tend to over react.

So do I🙄 I think it is just matter of little bit more time and mastering some coping skills. 


42 minutes ago, Lucy1983 said:

I have been reading your posts and am very glad that you are continuing to improve.  Hopefully soon our troubles will just be a memory:)

Thank you for supporting me🙋🏻‍♀️

I so wish for this to just be a memory! For both of us☺️

July 19th 2017—July 2018: 10 mg Escitalopram

August 2018— June 2020: 5 mg Escitalopram


Tapering started:

June 2020—1st of August.

Lowest dose was 5 mg (5 mg every second day for a couple of weeks, then 5 mg twice a week for a couple of weeks, and lastly 5 mg once a week until I stopped)


Drug free: August 1st, 2020


I was on 500mg Metformin for PCOS for the last two years. Stopped on 7th of August 2020.


Supplements:  Magnesium citrate—400mg; Omega 3—2000-3000 mg; Zinc (slow release)

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