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no matter how hard i try to educate family members, they can't comprehend how its been 10 years in agony for me


how could taking a small centimeter pill for a year or two end up in 10 year withdrawal? they ask me this ....


has anyone else been frustrated beyond belief by this , im the one suffering and i have to deal with skepticism and neglect now by everyone in my family? its been like this for years but i cant seem to really get through , cause the skepticism in some ways still remains, though they are a lot more receptive now, they don't seem to want to educate themself on this. its the trust in BIG MEDICINE over FAMILY...WHAT ON EARTH IS GOING ON WITH OUR SOCIETY!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Was put on SSRIS at age 18, came off at 20 due to side effects, have been in withdrawal ever since, am 27 now. 7 years of protracted withdrawal. have not been able to work. I didnt taper, i basically came off cold turkey in less than a month....no one informed me of anything, including protracted withdrawal . my symptoms include absolutely everything you can imagine, you name it, i have it 



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